11 Indirect Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Interiors

Lighting is one of the key elements that accentuate the beauty of our interiors, make them appear more spacious and also help bring certain architectural or design elements into focus. But light doesn’t always have to fall directly on an object to bring it into focus. In fact, indirect lighting doesn’t just highlight a space or an object, but also enhances their textural aspects, which would otherwise go unnoticed.

Take a look at these amazingly beautiful indirect lighting ideas that completely transform the interiors that they’ve been used in!


The use of layered lighting in this bedroom gives it an air of elegance. Don’t you think?


Again, layered lighting here keeps the focus on the details that need to be highlighted.


The subtle play of light and shadows here, brings out the resplendent beauty of the rich walls. Indirect lighting, at its best!


The indirect lighting here, brings out the textural details of the feature wall behind the bed, which would be totally lost if the lights were focused directly onto it.


The shelves here stand right out, with lighting built right inside them. Yet another awe-inspiring use of indirect lighting!


Could overhead lighting be any more beautiful? Notice how the lights above the pillar accentuate the stone cladding that the pillar is covered in.


The trendy combination of focus, pendant and recessed lights works in perfect harmony here, giving this kitchen an uber-chic appeal.


Notice the indirect light subtly lighting up every corner of this bathroom.


The subtle lighting in this bedroom gives it a very feminine vibe.


Indirect lighting in all its glory, with just enough brightness to light up the entire room, without seeming too much on the eyes.


Understated, indirect lighting keeps this opulent bedroom looking classy and elegant. Any harsher, and the lights would have made this space look overdone and garish.