Decorating With Grey: How To Pick The Right Shade For Your Interiors

Last updated on July 18th, 2022

Grey can be moody, but it can be exuberant too. This rich color has a hoard of tints and tones, making it a strong contender for your color palette. As grey goes well with many colors on the spectrum, you don’t need to worry about a dull interior.

You can use this amazing color in several ways. A grey wash on your walls looks snazzy when you have a white ceiling and cornice.

But, we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s check out some grey color combinations that are sure to knock your socks off!

The soothing coolness of grey and blue

If you think a blue and grey combination is too tame, think again. When paired with teal, this look can rock. You can opt for teal paint on your walls, and let the grey play a supporting role on the bed linen or your couch. Or you can reverse the roles, with grey taking on the dominating role. Whichever way you do it, it’s going to look great.

Other best color combinations with grey? Steel grey with bluish-grey is just fabulous!

Grey with black

Nope. There is nothing drab about this color combination. It’s got character, and it’s got personality. For a sophisticated look, nothing beats black and grey.

The best part is, that you can play around with patterns, textures, and tints, to amp your look. Opt for a dark grey hue for your walls, and drop hints of black in your wood finish, your cushions, or your dhurrie.

For an interesting twist? Introduce light wood furniture in your color palette with grey.

Grey with white

Neutrals never go out of fashion. A white and grey color combination will work in your favor with aplomb if you are after a subdued look. You can play this any way you like. It’s gone to work.

To elevate your look, introduce hints of black or light-colored wood in your decor.

Grey with yellow

For a bit of drama, you can’t beat this gorgeous color combination. Both these shades will look magnificent as the primary shade. The other shade can play an equally important role in your home decor.

The partnership of yellow and grey gives you breathtaking results. Watch the jaw-dropping reaction with glee, the next time you have friends over!

Yellow has got to be one of our favorites when you are looking for colors that go well with grey.

Grey with pink

No, we don’t mean fluorescent pink. That look may take a bit of expertise to pull off. We are talking subdued tints of dull pink or peachy pink with grey.

For this one, let the grey dominate on the walls. Your pink can play a supporting role as your accent color. A very light grey with peachy pink and white oozes class and sophistication. You can carry forward the peach theme in your lampshade or your cushions.

For a touch of femininity, splash a deep peachy pink on your accent wall, and let grey take the backseat on your cushions and couch. I bet you didn’t expect your room to look this good with grey and pink!

Grey with green

Like all the other shades on the color spectrum, green also has various tints and shades, all of them gorgeous when teamed with grey.

How about a dull pastel green on your walls with a grey couch? Or maybe turquoise green accents in a grey and white room? Frankly, many options can work well when you pick these two shades.

Grey with purple

Deep tones of purple personify royalty. And you are sure to feel like a king in your domain when you introduce this rich shade to your grey home decor.

If a dark purple color doesn’t appeal to your finer senses, you can go for muted tones of lilac, muddy purple, or bluish purple. They will all work wonderfully with a rich grey palette.

Final thoughts 

It’s amazing how good you feel when your surroundings are aesthetically appealing. What better way to introduce a feel-good factor in your life than by going wild with colors?

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