11 Small Walk-in Closet Ideas You Can’t Resist Falling in Love With!

Last updated on December 9th, 2021

Who doesn’t love to have a beautiful walk-in closet at home? Just imagine, miles of racking and hanging space and a chic island in the center equipped with storage drawers!

Picture this for a minute. A room full of your favorite clothes and accessories and shoes (all 50 pairs!) all in neat shelves and hangers, with enough space to try each outfit! And no more everyday hassle of hunting for scarves and matching accessories! Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But it doesn’t have to be! All you need is to put on your thinking hat and a little bit of space to make your dream come true. Here are 11 most amazing walk-in closets that you can take inspiration from!

1.  A dream closet with plush décor and enough space to store even shoe boxes and shopping bags in! Who know when you might need them!

Source: listsy.org

2. A his and her closet, done up very thoughtfully (by her in all likelihood!) with clearly defined spaces for the both of them!

Source: thriftydecorchick.com

3.  An uber-chic closet with lots of fabric and jute boxes making a home for many items.

4. A modest-sized closet that belongs to someone who knows how to make the most of the available space. Don’t you think?

Source: wuiizz.com

5.  A super-organized closet with a designated space for shoes, bags, and clothes. Not to mention the generously planned chest of drawers. Can it get any better than this?

Source: thetrendyisland

6.  A super spacious closet with neat shelving and cubby-holes for all the future apparel and accessories waiting to find their way in!

 Source: trendir

7.  A spacious closet with an arrangement that makes keeping things organized easy and doable!

Source: lipbomb.me

8.  Best use of available space with vertical shelving leaving enough floor space free! Seasonal gear stacked on top shelves, to be brought down only when there’s a need.

Source: genty.co

9. A pristine white closet for a user who clearly doesn’t like loud colors much!


10. A compact feminine closet with zero space wasted. All you could ever need for those rushed mornings, laid out to perfection!

Source: starwillchemical

11. An all neutral closet with enough space for hangers, drawers and even shoes and a show stopper of a doodle art revealing the ‘fun’ personality of the user!

Source: hollymathisinteriors

Have a fantastic time decorating, peeps!