12 Inspiring Home Office Ideas For Small Apartments

Last updated on June 12th, 2021

Almost all of us today work from home at one point or another. Why not carve out a space in our home for those days? Space crunch you say? How about we re-think your existing space and not get bogged down by a lack of it?


After all, creating a functional space doesn’t need lots of wasted space asking to be used. It needs some creativity and loads of out-of-the-box thinking to create space where none seems to exist!

Have a look at these 12 spaces and get those brain cells working!

1. Timeless With White


Place an in-your-face table and chair right in the living room and see how it blends well with your existing décor instead of sticking out like a sore thumb!

2. Multi-Tasking Just Got Easy 


Multi-tasking it is!

3. A Bedroom Office


No room in your bedroom? Wait till you see this one!

4. An Inspiring Space


A dream office space created in grey and white. Replete with its own oh-so-stunning shelves and books! Even your dog would approve.

5. A Studio Home Office


What? An office space in a studio apartment? Yes. See it for yourself!

6. Furniture To Divide Space


Think multi-purpose when choosing furniture for your home office. Have a look. Need we say more?

7.  A Home Office Right Next To The Couch


A complete home-office in the tiny (unused) corner of your living room! Hard to believe?

8. An Under-the-Stairs Office

Use the space beneath your staircase to set up your home office. A cozy niche for you to call your own!

9. An Industrial Chic Office


These days brick walls are quite the rage! Give your home office a masculine appeal with industrial style bare-to-the-bone décor. Don’t forget to add a few luxe elements.

10. A Traditional Office Space


Choose a space with a view, if you can. That way you’ll never get tired of the long hours you spend there!

11. Work Out Of A Shelf!


Set up your home office out of a shelf! Add the right doses of cheerful accents in a bright color!

12. An Office With Personality


Let your workstation lively with color splash and photos!

Give your little space some ‘you’!

Image Courtesy: Glubdubs, Designxzo, House Design and Planning, Pinterest, Stylekoo, Wuyizz