Smart Tips To Decorate Your Study Space

Last updated on December 31st, 2021

The study in a home needs to be a space that speaks about its user’s personality. Not only should it be organized in a way that makes it comfortable to use, it should also offer a cozy space away from all distractions. But that in no way translates into being a space that is entirely functional and boring.

Let’s have a quick look at a few things to keep in mind to make the study in your home as interesting as it is functional.

If there’s a blank wall in the study, you can make the most of it by creating plenty of shelf space on it that offers room for storing books and to display accessories and other knick-knacks. This will also create the perfect place to keep the desk and a table underneath.

If the wall in the study seems to have an odd shape, you have all the more reason to cover it with custom shelving that can house all your books, making it the primary storage space in the room. This would also lend the room character while letting the world know that you are an ardent bibliophile.

The desk in a study acts as the focal point in the room, with the drawers in it providing space to keep all the little things handy without letting them clutter the space on top of the desk. If the table that you plan to use doesn’t have extensive drawer space, you can use a separate drawer unit and place it under the desk and create space to store papers, school supplies and textbooks.

If space is a constraint and the room that you have at hand is narrow, make more floor space free by trying to keep most of the storage space wall mounted and off the floor.

Use a cork board on the wall as the perfect place to pin reminders, photographs and other small notes on. Remember to hang it at a height that will enable you to pin things on it comfortably while being seated at your desk.

When utilizing a small space, custom furniture plays a crucial role in making the best use of the available space. This also ensures that there’s enough room for the items you want in your space and that there’s nothing else in the room that isn’t absolutely essential.

You can also hang a sturdy pegboard to hold heavy things like a helmet, bike accessories and essential tools like scissors, hammer etc.

Personalize your space by adding pops of color and patterns to the room in the form of a rug, wall décor or other small works of art. Even the way you organize your room will make this personal space of yours reflect your personality. You can even use your bike as a decorative element. It’ll not just act as a unique work of art, but also motivate you to use it as often as you can.

It is best to follow a minimalist style of décor when space happens to be a constraint. Keep everything simple and compact. Too much storage space everywhere can make the room appear cluttered and difficult on the eyes.

Display a big clock in the room, to create some drama and add character to the room. It’ll not just add to the décor but be visible from anywhere in the room.


Display an inspirational poster on the wall or a piece of art that you may have created, to lend your room a bit of your personality. Invest in good lighting in the room, both ambient and task-based. It is important to be able to control (easily) the amount of light that you will need while working at the desk.

If the space allows it, set aside a cozy nook to relax in and curl up with a book or your favorite music. If there’s a window in the room, a spot next to it would be ideal for this nook.

The paint on the walls should ideally be white to make the space appear bright and spacious and more open, especially if the room lacks a window to let natural light in.

Have fun decorating your space!