Idea File: 6 Steps To Designing The Perfect Home office

Last updated on June 25th, 2022

If you’re planning on bringing a considerable amount of your work home, or if your work situation demands that you spend most or all of your time working out of your home, you need to create a nook free from distractions and disturbances, to be able to concentrate on your work.

If you’ve made up your mind about creating such a space for yourself, here’s a step-by-step guide that can help you create an office space, that might even become your favorite place in your home to hang out in!

1. Chalk Out A Work Zone

Chalk out an area in your home as your work zone. It doesn’t need to be a big space. It can be excess space in your living room or bedroom or even the space under the stairs or a window corner. Just make sure there’s enough space for a desk and a chair.

2. Splurge On An Ergonomic Chair

The chair is where you’ll be spending most of your day, which is why it’s important to make sure the chair that you choose is suitable for your body. After all, you don’t want chronic pains from sitting in incorrect postures for long hours. Look for an ergonomic chair with options to customize it.
If space isn’t an issue, think of adding a chair or two opposite your desk for visitors. Or you can think of adding an accent chair and a tiny bookcase in a corner of the room.

3. Take Storage Seriously

The last thing that a good office space needs is a messy desk overflowing with paperwork. Yes, we’re talking about storage. But before you go shopping, think about what you will need to store and what kind of storage would work best for the kind of person that you are. Would you prefer your messes hidden away, or are you someone who can manage to keep open shelves neat and organized at all times? Once you’ve figured that out, buy something keeping in mind the dimensions of the space you have chalked out and your personal aesthetics.

4. Use A Noticeboard To Keep Track Of Things

Keep your targets and achievements in front of you along with your deadlines and to-do lists with a noticeboard on the wall in front of you.

5. Add Lots Of Lighting

If you plan on spending long hours in your home office, the one thing you definitely need is good lighting. Mix up different kinds of lighting to have more control over the ambiance of the space. Make sure there’s an overhead ambient light that’ll fill most of the room, some accent lighting to highlight a specific décor element and task lighting like a desk lamp.

6. Finally, Give It Personality

Make the space feel like your own by giving it personal touches that spell ‘you’. Think of the color palette first. A fresh coat of paint is the best form of makeover. Next, add layers of comfort to the space with rugs and throw pillows. Get a couple of classy art pieces and décor elements for the walls and to display off the shelves. And you’re all set!