4 More Statement Ceilings To Make Heads Turn!

Last updated on December 9th, 2021

Having established that ceilings have always been the most ignored part of our homes and that it’s high time we finally give them the attention they so deserve; we show you 4 more ways to unleash the full potential of these amazing design elements. Yes, we’re talking about your plain-Jane ceilings that are crying out for a makeover.

Let’s give them some of your unique personality then, and let your space speak of who you are, to whoever steps in!
Our promise, yet again? You’ll want to try this at home.

1. Bring on some carnival fun

Let us warn you at the outset. No matter how appealing this looks to your inner child, you can’t try this in your living room. Kids and carnivals. Carnivals and kids. They go together. Give your child a fun and happy space of their own by creating this carnival look on the one space they see right before they close their eyes every night. Sweet dreams are a part of the package!

2. Go crazy geometric

If you’re aiming for a crazy-good modern vibe that isn’t too loud but gets the attention nevertheless, geometric is the way to go. The best thing about them is that they never go out of style. And the next best thing? They can work well with almost all décor types. So, what are you waiting for?

3. Get moldings that add class

If your décor borders on the traditional, and you think wallpapers on the ceiling might not cut it, don’t let that stop you. Try moldings. You can have your entire ceiling sporting them or just get trims crated all around. There’s lots of room for you to get creative. Pun Intended.

4. Make it pretty with flowers

Add pretty florals to your space with a ceiling covered in a stunning floral wallpaper in subtle hues. It’ll be that breath of fresh air that you had been craving all this while. Just make sure to go easy on the colors. You don’t want a jarringly colorful vibe. Say it with grace.

Happy decorating everyone!