14 Ceiling Color Ideas That’ll Make You Forget White!

Last updated on April 21st, 2022

Have you ever wondered – Why do walls have all the fun? Why not the ceilings? Surely, there’s no dearth of ceilings in our homes.

Ceilings are precious real estate in any room that is completely overlooked and relegated to a boring shade of white without as much as even an afterthought when there are so many easy ways to make a ceiling pop and draw the eye up.

Ahead, explore with us stunning use of this ‘fifth wall with rooms with show-stopper ceilings that use paint, gypsum boards, and various other experiments.

1. Ever thought black on the ceiling would play the protagonist in a space?

2. When an accent wall decides to extend all the way up!

3. A peach attic space made peachier with a painted ceiling

4. Sunshine shining down from above

5. Red, white and black making a statement on every surface

6. A grey ceiling elevating the decor several notches

7. A lilac ceiling? Why not!

8. A beige fifth-wall looking quietly beautiful in this setting

9. Let there be light. And paint. (On the ceiling)

10. A Mauve ceiling paired with the perfect shade of blue

11. A colored false ceiling looking truly stunning

12. When the ceiling is the canvas, not even the sky is the limit

13. A moody, dark ceiling looking resplendent

14. A kitchen with blue walls – even the fifth one

Happy decorating, folks!