14 Ceiling Designs That’ll Leave You Mesmerized

Last updated on March 9th, 2022

Just close your eyes for a moment and think of a ceiling in your home. We bet you thought of something white and flat!


No matter how much the aesthetics of our home matter to us and as much as we try to beautify our living spaces, ceilings somehow end up getting the wicked stepmotherly treatment.


A carefully thought out ceiling design, whichever part of the house it happens to be in, gives the room its own unique character and doesn’t fail to leave a great impression on whoever enters the space.


Then why wait? Let’s look at a few ceiling design ideas that’ll sweep you off your feet and also see what’s in vogue when it comes to ceiling designs.


Modern ceilings serve both forms as well as function, and these roofs aren’t just elegantly designed, they also include elaborate lighting units that amp up the beauty of the ceilings several times over.


And we aren’t just talking about chandeliers and pendant lamps. An elegantly done up ceiling, when combined with the proper lighting technique, can do wonders for a roof and totally transform the room it forms a part of.


Custom-crafted ceilings add a different appeal to the interiors simply because they greatly alter the visual impression that they create.


And there are different varieties to choose from. While cathedral roofs give a feeling of expanse, making space appear larger, drop roof designs give the interiors a contemporary and modern look and feel.


A coffered ceiling creates a feeling of height and can give a home an old-world charm. A tray ceiling, on the other hand, makes the interiors look spacious and trendy.


Apart from all these designs, there’s also the option of choosing a beamed ceiling, which might not offer support to the building structure, but gives the rooms a historical charm.



All these ceilings, apart from the attention they garner, blend in beautifully with the overall décor of the home giving it a glamorous appeal. So about giving them a shot?



We hope you found this an enjoyable read. Happy decorating, everyone!