4 Statement Ceilings To Make Heads Turn!

Last updated on March 24th, 2022

In homes across the globe, ceilings have never got the love they deserve. We ignore them as a bare necessity and leave them well alone when we are decorating the rest of our space.
There are false ceilings, yes, but they still don’t do justice to the scope that we have on our hands with these amazing design canvasses spread out throughout our home!

Read on to learn how a few unusual design choices made with this fantastic and oft-ignored design element, creates an impact that far outweighs that created by the rest of the décor, collectively. We promise you, you’ll want to try this at home.

1. Statement wallpapers

Wallpapers, even ones with subtle designs make one hell of a bold statement. Try them on your ceiling for a Pinterest-worthy look your guests will want to copy. You can create them in many colors. Just make sure the rest of the décor works harmoniously with whatever color you choose. You just gave ‘cool’ a new address!

2. Faux tiles

Peel and stick faux-tiles are all in and they’re everywhere. Give them a place in your ceiling and watch in awe how they turn the entire space into a thing of beauty. You’ll leave your guests looking up constantly only to be mesmerized every time they do!

3. One bold color

Accent walls just took on a new meaning. Don’t forget your fifth wall (the ceiling!), when planning to give one to your interiors. Try muted colors all around, and a statement color right above them. Out of the ordinary and how!

4. Wooden slats

Wood happens to be one of those materials that can lend many different moods to a setting, from contemporary and modern, all the way to traditional and old-world – all depending on the way it’s been used. You can transform the vibe in your setting by choosing this versatile material (as slats for a contemporary appeal) for your ceilings. A stunning showstopper that’ll instantly warm up the vibes in your space.

Happy decorating, folks!