5 New Year Resolutions Your Plants Will Love You For!

Last updated on February 14th, 2023

Plants are nature’s gift to mankind. And there is nothing quite like lush foliage to liven up your space and invoke positivity in the atmosphere. While plants will always have their place in the home, maybe it’s time we take a step back and explore our relationship with them.

It can’t be denied that a sprouting bud can bring untold joy in our lives. And in retrospect, a wilted plant causes a lot of anguish, more so when we have tried our best to keep it alive. So, what are the resolutions you should be looking at this year for your plants? Let’s take a look.

1. Trends Don’t Matter; Plants Do

Getting a plant just because it is in trend makes no sense. It’s better to pick a plant that suits your space and lifestyle. The climate matters and the location of your apartment count too. When making a purchase, keep all these considerations in mind before selecting your plants. If you are pressed for time in your daily routine, a high-maintenance exotic wonder is not such a good idea. A sturdy plant that needs little care is the ideal pick for your hectic schedule.

Remember, your plants are a beautiful life form to be cherished and cared for, not just a style statement to improve the décor of your home.

2. Forgive Yourself if Your Plant Dies

Sometimes, no matter what you do, your plant withers away. This can be painful and it’s easy to start blaming yourself for its death. Many factors could have played a role in its death. If you have purchased a seedling in a plastic bag, there are chances it may not have taken root.

While you cannot avoid these episodes, if you feel you can’t handle them, go for low-maintenance plants that can take the vagaries of erratic climate patterns and your mood. And it won’t do you harm to read up on the plants you have in your home to give them the care they need.

3. Does Your Plant Match Your Lifestyle?

Be it for business or fun, if you spend a lot of time away from home, tricky plants that need a lot of attention aren’t the best choice. Plants such as succulents or pothos are great buys. They need very little care and thrive even without attention. The Zanzibar gem or the ZZ plant is a good pick, as it can do without regular watering, even in hot weather. Plants that have creeping root stalks called rhizomes are ideal as they store water in their roots. And hey, if you are on a trip abroad, you can always ask friends and neighbors to look in on them.

4. Be Selective

Sure, a cluster of plants on your coffee table does set the tone. But, rather than pick a bunch of plants just because you are in the mood makes little sense. Instead, go for healthy foliage and make sure your plant is suitable for your home environment. Once you feel your plants are thriving, you can add more to your collection. And yes, do your homework about what kind of environment and care species needs before you zip out your credit card.

5. Quality Time – Your Plants Need it Too

On weekends when you have more time on your hands, check your plants, remove dried leaves and add more soil if needed. You can also wash off the dust from the leaves, giving them a fresh and lush look. Plants thrive on attention, so make sure you give them plenty of it. Testing the soil for moisture will let you know if your plant is drowning from overwatering or needs some. You will be amazed to see the difference in your plant pets when they get love and attention from you.

Final Thoughts

The earth is rich in treasures that are more enjoyable than material things. Once you invite these beautiful gifts from nature into your home, you will see the difference in your plants and your atmosphere.

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