4 Succulent Myths You May Be Believing

Last updated on May 10th, 2023

Myths abound where succulents are concerned, each person with their take on what these gorgeous plants need to thrive. Succulents are said to be hardy and very easy to take care of. However, things are not as simple as they seem. These plants are temperamental and need a caring hand for them to grow.

So, what makes these exotic creations tick? More importantly, is there any truth in the succulent myths doing the rounds? Let’s take a deep dive into the world of succulents and separate the wheat from the sheaf.

Are Succulents and Cacti Different Plants?

There is a school of thought that says succulents are very different from cacti. Well, you may want to check your facts on that one. In truth, cacti come under the succulent category. However, while cacti are succulents, all succulents may not be cacti. So, what are some of the misconceptions about succulents? Let’s check them out.

Myth One: These Hardy Plants Do Well Both Indoors and Outdoors

Truth be told, succulents don’t like the dark. They need a lot of bright light to flourish. What’s more, even when you have plenty of light in your home, it is still a lot less than the light outdoors. In dark areas of your home, you will find your succulents losing their zap; they grow weak and their stems start elongating in search of light. This elongation is the first sign that your succulent needs sunlight desperately.

Your quick fix?

Invest in artificial lights for your plants or enjoy the quirky off-shots of your succulent. And make sure your plant gets plenty of sunlight every day. The best part? You can neatly slice off the extra grow and re-pot it for a fresh shoot!

Myth Two: They Need to be Watered like any Other Plant

It may surprise you to know that your succulent would love to run away from your watering can, given half the chance. When your succulents are placed in direct sunlight, they go through the process of photosynthesis. Your home-bound succulents don’t need much water as photosynthesis is slower. These smart alecs don’t miss a chance to absorb all the water they can get but hate to have their roots submerged in the damp soil. This could result in root rot and decay. And yes, your succulent will probably die.

Your quick fix?

· Use a light soil mix so that the water passes through without stagnation.

· Do the finger test and water your succulent only when it needs it. And hey, try not to drown it!

Myth Three: Well-draining Soil is Your Only Option

There is a bit of truth in this statement. Ideally, you should use a mix of fine and coarse pumice and grit for perfect aeration. As the soil is light, water drains out quickly, keeping root rot at bay.

Your quick fix?

If you have used your standard potting mix for your succulents, repotting them using a lighter mix will help them flourish.

Myth Four: Succulents are Indoor Plants

Succulents need plenty of direct sunlight to thrive. And being cooped up in your home, enviously looking at the trees bathed in the sunlight outside your window is no picnic for them. That is the reason why most succulents have a short life span in most homes.

Your quick fix?

· It will take some doing, but make sure you put them out in the sun every day for 8-10 hours and then bring them back in.

· If you want a balancing act, let the succulents thrive on your balcony and bring them in only on special occasions or when you are entertaining.

Summing Up

Succulents are some of the most gorgeous creations of Mother Nature. Buying them on a whim when you can’t take care of them is distressing, for you and your plants. To get your indoor plants equation right, check out our tips on what plant is right for your home and how to use them. Just click on Homebliss.in and we will answer all your questions.