5 Quirky Home Interior Design Features That Homeowners Lust After

Last updated on June 30th, 2022

When you are living life on the fast track, you want to keep up with the latest trends. Home decor takes priority, especially when you want to show off your home to your friends.

But it’s a lot more than keeping up with the Joneses. When you see the latest trends in home interior designs on your laptop, you are desperate to add the same magic to your home. Yes, it’s not always possible. But hey, a person can try!

Want to check out some of the trends everyone is lusting after? Dive in!

The drama of bold colors

Colors play a vital role in home design. Getting it right is a cinch if you get the basics right. Just pick up bold color combinations and play around with the tones of these shades to get the desired effect.

The red and green combination is a perennial favorite. So are blue and orange, or red and turquoise. For tips, just check out the adorable play of colors in these images. Chic and quirky home design features add just the right touch to your home decor.

The best part is you don’t even have to go the whole hog. Instead, you can add dramatic accent colors or repaint your walls to give your home design a pleasing personality.

Accent Walls

The words ‘accent walls’ have been bandied about a lot, and it’s easy to get this concept wrong. You don’t have to go over the top to put the focus on your accent wall. All you need are a few subtle touches. It can be a paneled wall, a great artwork that contrasts superbly with the wall paint, or a dramatic play of two colors.

If you feel creative, you can also give a unique flavor to your accent wall. Just try not to go over the top with embellishments so as not to overpower the rest of the decor.

They do it with mirrors

Mirrors are trending. And everyone wants a piece of the pie. Unique mirrors are in demand and can really lift the mood of your home. So, what are the points to keep in mind for this must-have home interior design add-on? A fancy mirror can grace your console table in the foyer. Or you can jazz up your accent wall with a collection of funky mirrors.

A standalone mirror is a great buy too and adds a quirky twist to your home design story. This can be placed in a corner with your easy chair or in your bedroom.

Great lighting is a given

Lighting is no more a functional need. It’s about mood, style, and impact. The trick is to find the right piece for each area without focusing on what your friend did in her home.

Pendant lights are great for corners or the kitchen island. For your bedside table, lamps are a favorite. You can try wall sconces too, and if you want an ethereal feel, go for lamps with crystal danglers. Chandeliers with a modern twist are a great addition to your living room.; they add charm to your bedroom decor. However, choose wisely as you don’t want to hit your head on the fixture.

And hey, don’t forget to throw in some floor lamps – they always work. Great lighting can transform mundane home decor into a classic act.

Smart storage ideas

Get quirky with your smart storage ideas! Under the bed storage, poufs that play the role of storage bins, are a given. Try innovative ideas to add a bit of zing to your decor. Who would have thought a couple of macrame bags and a wooden peg would make the ideal storage for your bathroom necessities?

Or the wonder of stylish baskets and bins to charm the socks off your shelving units? You get the idea! It’s how you approach it.

Final words

Home interior design is no more the prerogative of a select few. With radical design ideas flooding the market, good home decor is now within everyone’s reach. These quirky ideas are something you can try too. Homebliss is a great place to start for all your home decor needs. A browse through their website will give you a better perspective of how to do your home and help you experiment with the ideas you might have in mind.