6 Voguish Bathroom Decorating Ideas To Try In Your Bathroom Right Away

Last updated on March 19th, 2022

Whether you are searching for powder room decor, private bathroom styles, or renovation ideas for a downstairs bathroom, we will ensure your bathroom is all you would like it to be – lavish, operational, and indeed, a great place to spend time in.

1. Add some whimsy with wallpaper

Wallpaper adds a new dimension to your bathroom. It gives you the flexibility of making it look different after every few years. You can decide to go with cost-efficient peel-and-stick designs or add texture and color with high-end wallpaper designs that are easy to clean and can withstand humidity.

2. Invest in a new towel rack

Whether you want it as a single shelf or one with multiple arms or one more elaborate – it all depends on your choice and needs. An item of utility as well as a design element, place it in a corner or highlight it in the center.

3. Get a new mirror

Flush-mount mirrors, unlike recessed medicine cabinets, do not require wall-busting construction. Choose from a variety of differently-shaped mirrors – and alter the look of your bathroom instantly.

4. Create an accent wall with subway tiles

An accent wall made of subway tiles can create a significant impact in a bathroom for a modest investment. The room will also appear taller if the tile is extended to the ceiling.

5. Get creative with the curtain rod

Install a track on the roof to hide the shower curtain’s equipment. Hanging the shower curtain from the roof also gives the bathroom a grander feel and look.

6. Wall-mount storage options

Toiletries can be organized in a stylish hanging cabinet that takes up no floor space. Installing shelving to maximize storage in a tiny space can go a long way. Cabinets of different colors and shapes can be installed.

With so many decor ideas for your bathroom, we are sure you would be able to find your match. A well-designed bathroom can help you meet your daily needs while also providing a relaxing environment to decompress after a long day. Ambient lighting and cool design touches, for example, can help you create a peaceful space and a spa-like experience right in your own home. Be sure to find a whole lot more on home decor here.

Happy decorating, everyone!