How to Hang Bathroom Towels The Right Way

Last updated on June 2nd, 2023

We use towels daily without giving them much thought. However, they are so much more than just a piece of fabric we use after we shower or wash our hands. The right kind of towels can nicely complement your bathroom, giving it a more sophisticated look. They are a great way to add pops of color and decor to your bathroom.

Towels can be hung in a variety of ways, from a straightforward wall hook to fashionable towel rods or rings that are available in different forms, sizes, and materials. Use the upcoming folding and hanging techniques to keep your bathroom tidy.

Mount a ring on the wall

Given that it doesn’t require much room, a towel ring is a suitable option for a compact bathroom or powder room. For full bathrooms, you can install rings next to the shower stall as well as the bathroom sink.

The aesthetic side should be facing down on a level surface, and the towel should be flattened to remove any creases. The towel should resemble a narrow rectangle after being folded vertically into thirds.

With the patterned side pointing up and the seams side down, take your folded towel and loop it around the towel ring. Half of the towel should hang on the front and the other half should hang on the back when you loop it around the towel ring halfway.

Use a towel rod or bar

Towel bars are available with one, two, or more rods, in a variety of lengths, and occasionally with an extra shelf on top to hold additional towels. For the towel bar, you can either utilize the previously mentioned folding and hanging technique or the one that comes next.

The patterned side of the towel should be facing down as you place it on a flat surface. To get rid of any creases and wrinkles, smooth it out. To create a long, thin rectangle, fold it in thirds vertically. Then you can fold it along its length. Take the towel and arrange it over the bar, placing about a third of it on the backside of the bar and the remainder, with the ornate side facing out, over the front of the bar.

You can add extra towels on the upper shelf after neatly folding or rolling them. This way, you can make sure that your bathroom is stocked up with all the different types of towels.

Hang it over a hook

The smallest option for hanging towels in a small powder room is a towel hook because it will take up very little room. If you need to drape multiple towels, there are twin towel hooks. However, with just one hook, this is how to drape a towel so that it looks great.

The decorative side of your towel should be facing up as you lay it out on a level surface. To get rid of any creases, smooth it out. Pinch the center of the towel’s top long side with your fingers before draping it over the hook. Pull the towel’s ends down to flatten it down and make symmetrical hanging folds before straightening it out.

Use double layers of towels!

Double the number of towels in your bathroom or for a more formal appearance. For a luxurious, layered look, either place a washcloth over a hand towel or a napkin over a bath towel. For a stylish, put-together effect, use a towel set that coordinates, or for a fun look, group towels with contrasting colors and patterns.

In a Nutshell

Towels may not count as decor pieces, but they can significantly impact the overall look of your bathroom. Use the above-mentioned tricks to arrange your towels and make your bathroom look more sophisticated. If you’re looking for more tips and hacks about bathroom organization and decor, check out Homebliss.