6 Ways To Make Your Decor Fit For Your Fur-Babies

Last updated on August 12th, 2021

If your family isn’t complete without your fur-babies and you are designing a new home or remodeling an existing one, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 6 tips to make sure there’s a perfect harmony between your décor choices and the health and happiness of your pets. Read on to keep your home from going to the dogs. (and cats!)

1. Durable Floors

Choose a flooring option that is easy to clean and safe for your pets’ paws and nails. Hardwood floors can be a challenge to maintain with pets around as they tend to stain and get scratched easily. Laminates, tiles, concrete, and stone are good flooring options. They will also help keep your pets cool during the summer months. Avoid flooring that’s too slippery if you have puppies as growing puppies can develop crooked legs because of prolonged walking on slippery surfaces.

2. Rugged Rugs

Carpets are generally a bad idea if you have pets at home as they trap fur, stains, and smells. Invest in rugs, if you must, that have many colors and are able to camouflage dirt and dander. And it’s a good idea to avoid rugs with continuous loops as they can unravel if caught on your pet’s toenails. Also, make sure your rugs are anti-skid and anchored safely for the safety of your fur babies during their mad dashes.

3. Heavy-Duty Upholstery

Whether you want them to or not, your pets will end up on your couch. So, think carefully before choosing your upholstery fabrics. Some fabrics like velvet, corduroy, and chenille can be a magnet for pet hair and are better avoided in your upholstery. Also, the fabric you choose needs to be strong enough to withstand the test of claws, nails, and general rough-housing and it’s better to avoid delicate fabrics like silks of any kind. It’s also a good idea to pick fabrics that are the same color as your pet’s fur, to make life easier. Also, opt for machine-washable fabrics that are smooth and cool for your pets to lounge on. Crypton and leather are popular options.

4. Pet-Proof Walls

Pets can be very good at giving you, unconditional love. And leaving unsightly marks on your walls. Highly textured walls attract fur and are difficult to clean. Choose satin finishes for your walls that repel pet fur and are easy to wipe clean. Wallpaper is a bad idea in areas where your pets might like to try their nails on them. You can wallpaper areas that your pets don’t usually frequent.

5. Pet-Friendly Window Treatments

Our pets spend a considerable amount of time cooped up indoors and need a good view of the outdoors to keep themselves entertained. It is important, therefore, to ensure there’s suitable furniture near the window that they can climb on to get a good view of the outside world. It is important to avoid thick curtains and blinds obstructing their view, or leave them open when your pets are around.

6. Tail-Proof Décor

Pets invariably come with bushy tails and clumsy paws. And if you want for your décor and your fur-babies to coexist harmoniously, you will need to carefully consider the space in your home and the décor choices you make. Avoid tables that are low or be prepared for many a figurine meeting a sad end because of over-excited tails. Also, keep your pets out of harm’s way by avoiding furniture with pointy edges that can hurt them.

Happy pet-parenting!