7 Must Have Décor Features That Every Home Needs

Last updated on December 21st, 2021

What is it about the décor of a room that sometimes makes us go ‘wow’? What are those details that are so stunning, they make us do a double-take sometimes?

In this blog, let’s shed some light on 7 of those décor elements that lend an oomph factor to a setting and leave it anything but dull and lifeless!

1. Pops of Color

If your living room is all beige or all white, it might seem very peaceful and serene in appearance, but can quickly start to feel lifeless. It might be a great idea to retain all the neutral colors and inject just a few hints of color with some accessories to energize the space and add visual interest. Think brilliantly hued throw pillows, an accent chair, or even a bright, cheery cabinet!

2. A Little Bit Of Green

Plants can transform a space in an instant! Good at killing them? No problem! Get a few of the hardier variety. You could also think of getting trees meant for keeping indoors. You can opt for the artificial variety too, but the authentic-looking ones can be expensive.
Trust us! A couple of houseplants kept close to the window or a bunch of fresh flowers kept in a vase on the coffee table can make a world of difference to a dull-looking space.

3. Layers

Use throws, rugs, and baskets to bring texture into a room and to keep it from feeling flat. These elements are great at adding interest to any space. If your sofa, for instance, is almost perfect but seems to be missing something despite the beautiful pillows on it, try completing the look with a throw. Placing a basket in your living room for extra blankets, pillows or books is also a great way to restore order in a room that tends to often get cluttered with these things.

4. A Hint Of Black

It’s one of the greatest tips that designers always dole out. If your room seems to be lacking something that you can’t quite put a finger on, try adding a few things in black. It could be a piece of furniture in black, works of art framed in black, or a black lampshade. Black doesn’t just add depth to a room but makes the space appear instantly modern and sophisticated, by tying all the disparate elements together.

5. Books

Books are magical things. Not just in the way they transport us to different places in the blink of an eye, but also in how wholesome and beautiful they can make a space look with their mere happy presence. Whether it’s a coffee table that they’re on, a shelf in the kitchen that they happen to be sitting on, or the kids’ room floor that is strewn about in.
And you don’t even have to be an ardent lover of books or have tons of books on display. Even a few of them would work beautifully as objects in a display. They can also lend height to other items that you may want to put out on display.

6. Artwork

For artwork in your home to be a conversation starter, it doesn’t need to be expensive. Just look for something that seems to speak to you and discount websites, flea markets and thrift stores might be great places to find such pieces in. A great piece of art can even be a vintage family photo of yours, that doesn’t just lend the space a sense of history, but also tells your unique story.

7. Your Personality

Even though you may have decorated your home with many things beautiful, it will still have its soul missing if you haven’t given it a touch of your personality. Sprinkling it with things that talk about your hobbies, travels, and passions is what will make it look like your home and not an expensively decorated showroom. So, go right ahead, and infuse your interiors with whatever makes you – you!

Happy decorating, folks!