How Can You Place Furniture Near Windows? Here Are A Few Tricks To Keep In Mind!

Last updated on June 22nd, 2022

We love our windows. And yet they tend to cramp our style when arranging our furniture.

You have a lovely view in front of you and to cover up the windows with furniture is almost blasphemous. How do we accommodate our needs if we don’t use that precious space?

Granted, blocking off the light by placing furniture against the window kills the purpose of those glorious openings. But why worry when we have excellent tips for your window furniture woes?

If you’re asking: how to place furniture near a window? Follow us, and we will walk you through the labyrinth of furniture near window ideas.

1. Your work table near a window

It’s a simple matter to place your work table under the window. However, life rarely works that way. Your windows may be large, leaving little place at the bottom for your writing table.

Under these circumstances, the best thing to do is to select a table with a light framework, allowing the light to pass through. A bulky contraption will obstruct the view, cutting out the light from the room.

Furniture placement near the window need not be tricky.

2. Bed near the window

Sometimes, you have no choice but to place your bed against the window. The idea of the headboard overlapping the window is appalling. However, you don’t have to worry about this issue. A play of neutral shades on your furniture and walls will beautifully balance the window, the curtains, and the bed.

Now you might wonder about the things to consider while putting furniture near the window. Strong color contrasts will highlight the overlap causing discord in the design. So, let the colors blend in seamlessly for a gorgeous look.

3. Easy chairs are a beautiful match for your windows

A window is a perfect place to set down your easy chair. Not only do you get enough natural light to do your reading, but it also adds an appeal to your decor. You can go for two matching chairs or a single piece, with a floor lamp next to it for a bit of glamour. Plants work beautifully too.

This is sure to be the favorite spot in your home!

4. Sofas near your window

Sofas are a great way to use up the space near your window. You can leave a bit of room behind your furniture so that your curtains can fall gracefully to the floor. Light curtains in muted shades are better for a gorgeous impact. The effect is magical when you add a corner lamp or some plants to the mix.

5. Breakfast nook

What’s better than a tiny coffee table placed near your window? Once you have your table and chairs in place, you will find yourself spending a lot of time there. The charm of enjoying your morning tea while the sun rays dance on your floor is sublime. To spice things up, you can add pendant light to the decor. Some potted plants are a great addition too.

6. Reflect the outdoors with a plant table

A console table or cabinet under your window is the perfect home for your succulents. A green vibe is just what your home needs to add dimension to your decor. You can opt for a sturdy chest, a slim console, or even a shelving unit to add style to your window decor.

Funky plant receptacles such as earthenware, old urns, or metal bins will add style to your home decor.

Final words

Why let a window hamper your creativity? Once you get the idea, you can get the best out of your home decor without affecting your gorgeous windows.

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