7 Must-Have Living Room Essentials For Your Home

Last updated on September 23rd, 2021

The living room is one of the most versatile rooms in the house. It provides you the perfect setting for dinner with your family, game night with friends, and a place to binge-watch Netflix in, when in need of some ‘me’ time. However, decorating a living room can be quite a task, considering the plenty of furnishing options available these days. Well ladies, get ready, ‘coz we’ve come up with a list of a few must-have decor elements that are absolutely essential for your living room.

7 Must-Have Living Room Essentials For Your Home

Regardless of whether you’re buying furniture for a studio apartment or a 4 BHK villa, you’re on a shoestring budget or prepared to splurge, we bring you the essential elements that you need, to create a living room that is as functional and it is stylish.

1. A Sofa

A living room is incomplete without a proper seating arrangement. And what could fit in better in the living room than a beautiful sofa. No other furniture could be more appropriate for this specific room, and no other piece would give the comfort or have multiple functions as a sofa does. From Sectional to Chesterfield, or Chaise lounge chairs to Tuxedo style of sofas, these days homeowners are spoilt for choice. Simply choose what you love.

2. A Coffee table

7 Must-Have Living Room Essentials For Your Home

No matter what kind of sofa you have in the living room, it would look incomplete without a coffee table in place. After all, you need a place to keep your coffee mug, rest your feet on, or keep the book that you are currently reading? A simple search on the internet will give you access to various styles, kinds, and designs of coffee tables. Just pick the one that goes with the decor of your living room. In case you are dealing with a small living room, opt for a nesting table that can function as a coffee table, as well as a side table, when required.

3. Lighting

7 Must-Have Living Room Essentials For Your Home

Proper lighting is an essential decor element in any room. And, the living room is no different! Lighting, when done right can add strong visual interest to the living room, amplifying the decor of the room. Think of adding soft and warm lights by opting for pendant lights, floor lamps, table lamps, chandeliers, among others.

4. Cushions

7 Must-Have Living Room Essentials For Your Home

Cushions are a simple (and inexpensive) way of adding color and patterns to a room.

Expert Opinion: A great decorating trick is to mix patterned cushions like batiks and kilims with cushions in solid colors.

5. A Statement rug

7 Must-Have Living Room Essentials For Your Home

Rugs and carpets are an excellent way to add layers to your living room. They don’t just help define an area by tying up the various décor elements in a space but also add a pop of color and warmth to the living room. If you have a neutral sofa, then team it up with a colorful or patterned rug. On the other hand, opting for a neutral or solid colored rug, will allow attention to settle on the other decor elements in the room. Apart from color, also consider the size of the rug – a large rug will look good in a big living room, whereas a small-sized rug is ideal for a modest-sized living room.

6. Artwork

7 Must-Have Living Room Essentials For Your Home

Exposed, white walls are boring! They either suggest that you have just moved in, or that you basically couldn’t care less. We know that mounting and hanging artwork is hard work, however, it forms an integral part of your décor.

TIP: You don’t need to have an entire gallery wall, begin with a couple of big pieces and gradually work your way into it.

7. Sentimental pieces

7 Must-Have Living Room Essentials For Your Home

It’s important to add a personal touch to the décor in your home. It’s a good idea to display items in your décor that hold sentimental value and talk about who you are as a person. These could be a souvenir from your last vacation, a family heirloom, or a unique gift from someone that you value a lot. These little insights into your personality add warmth to your home and keep it from looking like a beautifully decorated showroom.