8 Unique Ways To Use Baskets In Your Home

Last updated on January 5th, 2022

Baskets are a common item used in household storage but don’t get much of a second thought once they are used and put away in some obscure corner of the house. They may be doing a fab job at keeping clutter in your house under control, but they are never thought of as a décor element. Well, it’s about time we changed that notion!

Baskets, the great multi-taskers that they are, can be a great way of adding visual interest, texture, and warmth to any setting, even while they carry on with their practical task of storing items. And what’s more, there are tons of them that you can choose from – ones with handles, woven, rattan, metal, ones with lids, shallow ones, and so on.

Let’s look at 8 great ways to make these humble yet classy design elements a part of your décor and effortlessly take the style quotient of your home up by several notches!

1. As Decorative Accents

Baskets are a great way of filling up empty corners and make for great accent pieces whichever room you decide to use them in!

2. To Create Vignettes

You can group together items and create beautiful vignettes using a shallow basket like the one you see in the picture above. You can create vignettes on your coffee table, side tables, the nightstand, and just about any flat surface that can do with some sprucing up.

3. On The Kitchen Counter

Keep all the clutter at bay in your kitchen by keeping all your kitchen essentials close at hand, organized in attractive little baskets, and displaying them on your countertops and open shelving.

4. On Bookshelves

A great way to make your bookshelf look out of the ordinary is to use baskets, whether you line them up on the bottom shelf to anchor the shelf to the floor or mix them with other décor elements on the shelf.

5. To Display Books And Magazines

Keep your living room from looking cluttered by keeping your favorite books or magazines within easy reach, in a large elegant basket. You can place the basket by the side of your couch or tuck it away under a console table.

6. To Display Flowers

Fresh or dried, flowers, with their organic appeal, can add life to a setting. And baskets can be quite a charming way to display them in!

7. To Give Your Bathroom A Spa-Like Feel

A few strategically placed baskets around your bathroom can take your bathroom from looking ordinary to appearing spa-like. You can use these baskets to keep your toiletries out of sight, store magazines, towels or even for a decorative display of soaps on the counter.

8. To Keep Plants In

You can use a thick wicker basket to house a big indoor tree. Since baskets are way lighter than planters, you can move your tree around easily for a little change of scenery. All you need to do is ensure that the tree is planted in a plastic planter inside the wicker basket, to catch excess water.

Happy decorating, folks!