14 Ingenious Ways to Use Fairy Lights in Your Decor

Last updated on March 9th, 2022

Fairy lights look mesmerizing no matter where you use them! And they’re so unbelievably flexible and economical, that using them as décor elements becomes easy-as-pie. And they’re a sure-shot way to brighten up a dull space, instantly! So, if you want to change the way a space looks, we give you 14 spectacular ways to use fairy lights in your home. You can thank us for these ingenious ideas, later!

Come, get inspired, and create a dreamy, magical atmosphere during those special times or for no reason at all! And did we mention? – effortlessly!

1.  Create a headboard with fairy lights to set a Bohemian mood.


2. Fairy lights are so cool that you can just throw them casually anywhere and get a look worth a million bucks!


3. DIY a marquee with fairy lights and give your room a personalized look. Try making a marquee with your name.


4. Customize your canopy bed into a mystical one. Hang fairy lights with drapes and create a magical look.


5. Throw away those old and boring lamps, and make quirky lamps with old wine bottles. These DIY lights are super easy to make and require no effort!


6. Create a photo wall with those whimsical lights!


7. Use fairy lights behind curtains to create a dreamy atmosphere.


8. Create beautiful patterns on your walls with fairy lights!


9. Give your workstation a cheery makeover with fairy lights!


10. In fact, just don’t stick to the study room, make use of those magical lights to give your dressing area a beautiful look!


11. How about writing a meaningful word on the wall with fairy lights?


12. Flaunt your books using fairy lights! All you need is the lights and some scotch tape.


13. Add fairy lights to your indoor garden to give it a quiet glow.

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14. Or just frame your door with them!


Here’s wishing you a truly LIT home!