Create The Perfect ‘Work-From-Home’ Ambiance At Home

Last updated on June 11th, 2019

If you have the perk of working from home, then you must know the importance of a dedicated workspace in the home. However, only a very few lucky ones have the luxury of owning a room solely dedicated for work. And, the rest of us, who aren’t as fortunate, need to rely on clever decor tips and tricks to set up a perfect home office.

Home office ideas

So, in today’s blog, we will be discussing the 8 ingenious tricks to set up a perfect home office. Check them out:

1. Location, Form, and Functionality

How to Create The Perfect Home Office

To create the perfect home office, first and foremost you need to decide on the space you intend to set up the workspace in. You are likely to spend a significant amount of time in your home office, hence, choosing a spot with a view is the ideal way to get started. So, refrain from squeezing your desk into a narrow corner with no ventilation and view. Additionally, before investing in office furniture, consider the workflow of the area. And, remember, your workspace shouldn’t scream ‘dull and boring office space’. Instead, choose furniture that goes with the flow of the rest of the house, rather the usual office furniture.

2. Follow the Rules Of Ergonomics

How to Create The Perfect Home Office

While setting up a home office, always follow the ergonomics rule: The monitor of your computer should be placed on an eye level or just a little below the eye level. This will help you avoid eye fatigue. Place your keyboard in a way, so that your forearms fall parallel to the floor and adjust the chair so that your feet lay straight on the floor. And, while following all these rules, ensure that you splurge on a chair you love and feel comfortable in.

3. Ensure There is Natural Light

How to Create The Perfect Home Office

Most of the people usually push their work desk towards a blank wall. But, it only makes your home office space look like a corporate cubicle. And who wants to have that at home? So, move your desk in front of a window or in the balcony with plenty of natural light. After all, you need something to gaze at once in a while, while your brain does all the heavy lifting!

4. But, Ensure You’ve Task Light!

How to Create The Perfect Home Office

Though you get ample sunlight in your home office space in the daytime, your workspace requires artificial lights for the darkest hour of the day. So, instead of relying on the ceiling light or ambient light, invest in a nice table lamp that adds a nice soft warmth to your work area.

5. Creative Storage

How to Create The Perfect Home Office

File organizers aren’t the most alluring household items, yet you do require a place to put papers you utilize every now and then. So, instead of buying organizing units that occupy your precious floor space, harness the power of vertical storage to stow away all your important documents. In case you stay in a rented apartment and cannot hammer a nail on the wall, opt for sufficiently big storage units that you don’t have to overstuff, and will look incredible as your video call backdrop! In case you use the guest bedroom as your work area, make use of the closet or other storage units in the room to stow away all your office supplies, documents, and more.

6. Comfort is Key

How to Create The Perfect Home Office

Your home office is not just meant for work! You need a place to think or read, as well! The perfect home office has a comfortable seat so that you can relax while you work, possibly with a footrest, and a beautiful task light. Don’t forget to add some throw pillows and rugs to your space for your thinking breaks.

7. Add a Touch of Green

How to Create The Perfect Home Office

Plants are magical! They can turn any dull space into a cheerful one. Have a plant or two in your home office to add some natural charm to your workspace. These days, a lot of low-maintenance indoor plants are available both offline and online. Simply, pick one for your office space, and let it do its work!

8. Personalize It

How to Create The Perfect Home Office

Your home office doesn’t need to only reflect just work! Place some pictures of your family and friends on the desk, hang inspirational wall art, or a picture from the last trip you took, to add a personal touch to your home office space.

9. Hide Those Ugly Wires

How to Create The Perfect Home Office

With the ever-increasing gadgets, it is no surprise that our work desk is filled with a mess of jumbled wires! Keep them sorted with the help of a wire organizer or spike buster.