8 Ways to Embrace Mid-Century Modern Decor

Last updated on December 10th, 2021

Mid-century modern decor is trending. A simple search on the internet will give you access to plenty of mid-century-inspired furniture and accessories. In today’s blog, we will address all the hubbub around this eclectic decor style and tell you how you can embrace it.

What is Mid-Century Modern Decor?

The mid-century modern decor is all about using clean lines, bold geometric patterns, sultry tweed and velvet upholstered pieces, and tapered furniture legs. Born from the spirit of post-war optimism, the mid-century modern decor uses ergonomically efficient furniture that blends well into today’s contemporary homes.
Here’s how to turn your house into a timeless abode adorned with all things vintage!

1. Bring Back the Wood

Most of the furniture pieces you see these days are made of engineered wood. For a change, give vintage solid wood furniture a chance to become the focal point in your home. Look for furniture made of teak, walnut, oak, and rosewood.

If you find hunting for the right mid-century pieces way too exhausting, or out of your budget, then think of getting replicas instead. Thanks to the expanding interest in this decor style, numerous retailers are now offering mid-century modern pieces at decent prices.

2. Use Vivid Patterns

Add energy to a room by blending a retro color palette and vivid patterns. The mid-century modern decor is anything but shy– their USP is to infuse a space with solid visual interest. They make use of striking geometric patterns, lending a whimsical and quirky charm to any space. For instance, in the room that you see above, shades of gray and peach bring in the mid-century charm to the room. Additionally, the contrast of the simple window shades and the diamond-prints on the cushion adds a fresh perspective to the room.

3. Show Off Those Vintage Finds

Beautify your home office with vintage finds that feature mid-century modern signs: sharp lines, geometric shapes, and minimal decor. For instance, in the picture above, a wired chair with hairpin legs add a mid-century flair to the work area. Patterns on the wall and rug add unobtrusive style to the space.

4. Explore Sleek Seating Options

Mid-century modern decor calls for sleek seating options. For example, the designer here has used molded plastic shell chairs with hairpin legs in the kitchen. The chair accentuates the hardwood flooring of the area and blends well with the overall decor of the room.

5. Blend it With Traditional Furniture

It is quite possible to feel intimidated having too much mid-century decor around. To ease into the transition, think of mixing the minimalistic with the traditional. Think of a plush sofa, cushions, a vintage chair, a modern floor lamp, and more!

6. Play with Primary Shades

A unique blend of blue and yellow complements this otherwise neutral space. Little touches of extravagance, like the gold-finished table lamp, the chic and simple bed, and the backdrop complement this beautiful bedroom.

7. Modern Minimalism

Bring luxury into a modern kitchen with mid-century style wood cabinetry. The vibe of wood complements the minimalist hardware that together blends well with the beautiful mid-century style high chairs.

8. Embrace the Eclectic

The room above is a treasure trove of mid-century modern finds and one-of-a-kind pieces. Here, wood-grain flooring, the chevron backdrop, and a mix of different dining chairs complete the look of the room.

Hope you liked this piece. Happy decorating peeps!