9 Ways to Infuse Moroccan Decor In Your Home

Last updated on July 27th, 2022

Throughout history, the eastern world has played a major role in shaping culture, religion, and civilization. Their interiors are filled with mesmerizing and uncommon things that are as unique as they are magnetic. And today, we are going to talk about one of the most enigmatic eastern styles of decor – straight from Morocco.

What is Moroccan Decor?

Morocco’s rich culture is reflected in its appealing and one-of-a-kind decor style, portrayed by vibrant colors, striking architectural details, and accessories. Moroccan decor is a style that can be entwined with almost every decor and it is its versatility that makes it so easy to incorporate in any home.

Check out these 9 ways to infuse Moroccan decor in your home.

1. Weave in Moroccan Throw Pillows

9 Ways to Infuse Moroccan Decor In Your Home

Moroccan decor never shies away from using vivid prints and hues and these form the highlights of this décor style. So, don’t be afraid to bring in add some color to your bed or couch by adding brilliantly colored patterned cushions.

2. Tie a Room Together with a Moroccan Rug

Luxuriously designed carpets or rugs are yet another hallmark of Moroccan style. And, believe it or not, a true Moroccan-inspired room is incomplete without a Moroccan rug or carpet. For instance, the designer here has used a vibrant kilim in the living room to tie the entire room together.

3. Introduce Striking Moroccan Floor Tiles

Tiling in sharp patterns and vivid colors is a must-have for any Moroccan space. Make use of designed, Moroccan-style tiles as flooring in a dull bathroom to add some drama to the space.

4. Be Open to Dramatic Details

Moroccan decor is one of those styles that allow you to tone the décor up or down according to your taste and style. If you wish to go bold with the decor, make use of eye-catching shades and detailed points of interest that can be layered over each other. If you are looking for subtle Moroccan decor, think of fusing intricate details in a few pieces.

5. Add a Moroccan Pouf

Poufs have been a Moroccan custom for a long time, filling in as a stool or as a simple, unobtrusive seating alternative in a living space. You can bring that great highlight into your own living room through a pouf, which can easily be obtained at any retail home décor shop.

6. Consider Texture

A major part of Moroccan style is about texture and extensive use of cushions, linens, and rugs is a great way to adopt this style. To have a pleasant visual effect, pick Moroccan-inspired materials in a similar palette, making texture the most intriguing thing about the room.

7. Put in a Graphic Backsplash

An excellent way to change your kitchen is with Moroccan-inspired graphic tiles. Make use of lively patterned tiles in the backsplash to give a Moroccan vibe to your kitchen.

8. Hang a Moroccan-Style Light

Metal lights and lanterns are another classic Moroccan decor element. So, don’t be afraid to add Moroccan lights to bring in some magic to your home.

9. Layer Patterns

Moroccan decor has no restrictions when it comes to playing with designs and patterns. You can mix different patterns without fear. as long as you ensure that you pick a unifying shade that brings in symmetry to the space.

Happy decorating, folks!