Wondering What To Do With Your Old Furniture? Here’s Help!

Last updated on March 24th, 2022

To keep or not to keep. That is the question. It isn’t always philosophical dilemmas that leave us scratching our heads. Sometimes the ones we are faced with, are as mundane as they can get. Like whether or not to part ways with that old chair that’s almost becoming an eyesore, but is too strong and ‘un-broken’ to be thrown away.

While we can’t really make those tough decisions for you, we can definitely make them easier, by walking you through these common toss-versus-refurbish scenarios. Have a look, and see if something resonates!

A couch that slouches?

Slouching isn’t good. For us or our furniture. So, if you have a couch with sagging and sunken cushions and fabric that’s threadbare, it might be time for that tearful goodbye. It seems beyond inexpensive repair, and not fit enough – to keep. Get a new one.

Furniture pieces that are structurally strong

Remember, if it ain’t broke, don’t toss it. We may have given a different spin to the old adage, but for very good reason. If your furniture piece only ‘looks’ shabby and still refuses to wobble with a good amount of weight on it, it still has a few good years left. Just a good paint or polish job and it’ll be good as new. So, it stays!

Hand-me-down Vintage pieces?

Old can really be gold when it comes to solid furniture pieces that have stood the test of time. Give that hand-me-down piece whatever it needs to restore it to its former glory and – keep it.

Cushions torn and foam spilling out?

If you see the foam streaming through holes in your couch, you can be sure that you (and your pets) have used it well and it’s now time to bid it a swift goodbye. You don’t want to repair something in that state of damage when you can get a replacement for just a little bit more. So, the wisest decision here would be – to toss it.

Scratched or dull-looking furniture?

Here’s your chance to upcycle an old piece of furniture into something trendy and chic, while giving yourself an interesting project to busy yourself with. Not to mention the satisfaction that you’ll derive from it, every time you look at your handiwork!
You’ll not need much. Just a few how-to videos, varnish or paint, and tons of creativity. So – keep it, by all means!

Broken and termite-ridden pieces?

If time or termites or both, have robbed a furniture piece of its structural integrity, there’s nothing you can do to undo the damage. So, let it go and replace it with something new.

Furniture that has sentimental value?

Every household has these oldies. Furniture pieces that have been in the family for generations and that you’ve grown extremely used to having around. This is a rather simple decision. If it’s too dear to give away, give it a face-lift and a new lease on life! And, definitely – keep it.

Have fun making your home, a space that you adore!