Turn Your Master Bedroom Into An Oasis

Last updated on December 31st, 2021

When decorating our homes, the one design mistake that many of us are guilty of is that of undermining the importance of the master bedroom.

We spend most of our resources in decorating the shared areas that guests and our extended family get entertained in, assuming that since no one sees the master bedroom except for the people who sleep there, it doesn’t deserve as much (if not more) importance as the other spaces in the house.

But the master bedroom, as the very name implies is more than a place to sleep in at the end of the day. It is your own personal sanctuary that truly deserves a lot of your attention. So then, how about we look at ways to turn this oft-ignored room into your favorite place in your home?

1. Let it not be all about the bed

Your bedroom needn’t just be a room that houses the bed that you sleep on. It should feel like a space that you relax in and spend your free time. An easy way to accomplish this is to add a seating area that you can use when you don’t want to lounge on the bed.
You can choose the furniture in the seating area based on what you plan to do there. If you plan to curl up with a good read, an armchair is all you’ll need next to maybe a small bookcase. If you plan to binge-watch reruns of your favorite shows, then a daybed or a loveseat is what you should plan to get.
And if you just want to create a sophisticated seating area to lounge in, just place a stylish ottoman or two or a bench at the foot of your bed.

2. Plan adequate storage

Another common mistake that people make when designing their master bedroom, is to try and fit in their clothes and accessories in the limited storage space available. One way to correct this mistake is to incorporate ample storage as a design element in the master bedroom.
If you’ve exhausted all storage options in the room and still have stuff to stow away, think of adding a trunk at the foot of the bed – an old-fashioned yet effective storage solution. Also, investing in a bed that has storage underneath is also a great way to dramatically increase the amount of storage available in the room.

3. Think about the windows

Once you’ve figured out the furniture and storage space in the room, it’s time to take your attention to the windows. Depending on the amount of sunlight filtering into the room, you may want to look at options that increase or decrease it, as per your need and comfort. You can opt for blinds, but drapes are a more stylish and soothing option to spruce up those windows.

4. Don’t forget the nightstand

You will need to place a nightstand or a bedside table on either side of the bed to create a sense of balance and symmetry in the room, not to mention a place to set down a glass of water or your morning cuppa.

5. …And the lighting

Lighting is an important consideration in the master bedroom. Apart from overhead lighting, you will also need ambient and functional lighting that would serve different yet equally important functions.

6. How about a full-length mirror?

It’s time you stopped using the bathroom mirror to powder your nose. Treat yourself with a full-length mirror that wouldn’t just help you get dressed, but also make the room appear bigger and brighter.

7. Don’t leave those walls bare

Wall art is vital to your master bedroom as it needs design elements that create visual interest. You can start by hanging wall art above the bed, beside the seating area, and the dressing space. And then proceed to add art on any walls that appear blank.

8. Let different textures warm up the space

Last but not the least, using different textures in the master bedroom can make the space appear warm and inviting. And textiles can help you do just that.
You can think of silk, down and other materials to add layers of comfort and coziness to your bed. But don’t limit the use of textiles to your bed alone. Use a throw rug or a blanket in your seating area and the landing of your bed to add a feeling of warmth and comfort to your sanctuary.

9. Add the right accents

Since your bedroom is mostly done up in neutral hues, (for a good night’s rest) it is important to bring in an element of balance with accent pieces that add some drama and interest to the setting.
You can decide to make a statement with the accent pieces that you decide to use in your master bedroom. These can be in bolder shades of the color palette that you’ve chosen for the bedroom. They can also be patterns or prints that you love, lending your personality and taste to the décor.

Happy decorating, folks!