Add Glitz And Gold To Your Interiors

Last updated on December 20th, 2021

There’s no denying that gold has been adding a hint of affluence and opulence to living spaces since times immemorial.

But you don’t have to go back to the era of kings and queens to be able to recreate the same magic in your own home. And contrary to common belief, the décor of your home doesn’t have to be traditional or Victorian for you to be able to add this metal to it. Contemporary interiors with the right hints of gold can be made to look both stunning and stylish. Read on to know more!

As contemporary interiors are moving away from bright colors and moving towards subtle and understated hues, gold has made a comeback in interior design.

The age-old perception that still manages to find a way in people’s beliefs sometimes, is that gold accents and gold-leafing can only be used in homes that are palatial and by people who can afford this luxury. But ironically, it is the small spaces that can benefit the most from an addition of gold to them.

Adding gold in subtle hints and sprinkling golden details in just the right doses can add a beautiful reflective surface in a compact living space making the space appear airy, fresh, and roomier.

In a home with modern interiors that use concrete, glass, and stone a variation of the scene with gold can breathe life into the décor. Gold, when used in moderation, creates a feeling of depth and brings attention to the subtle details that this beautiful hue lends to the room. A touch of gold doesn’t just enliven the place, it also creates beautiful focal points in the setting.

These subtle hints of gold can be added to a living room in many different ways. You can add a gold chandelier to a room to give it the Midas touch. Or you may find ways of incorporating gold into your interiors using furnishings and fabrics with gold trims and motifs. It can be just a gold table runner that adds a sparkle to your dining room décor or the doorknobs and handles in the kitchen that is made in this glittering hue.

These hints of gold can transform a space and take it from drab to fab instantly. Whether you want to add small hints of gold or go bold with it depends on the kind of treatment that you are trying to give to your interiors and your personal choice.

But remember, in this case, less is more.

Having said all that, gold can’t be used in every space. It may not work unless the interiors that it is being used in are clean, free from clutter, and sufficiently lit. Use gold only if your home interiors meet these three criteria. And if they do, subtle hints of gold will add just the right amount of charm and opulence to your interiors.

Happy decorating, everyone!