Decor Alert: 7 Inexpensive Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas

Last updated on April 8th, 2021

If you think bachelors’ homes are messy and their décor purely functional and devoid of taste, please think again!  A bachelor pad today is an extension of the dweller’s personality and expressed through various themes and colors of décor.

Here are 8 ways to make sure yours is uber-cool and tasteful, without your having to spend much!

1. Break Monotonous Colors

Forget primary colors. Use plenty of rich neutrals instead, like beige, grey and even whites, remembering to break their monotony with accessories in brass or chrome.

2. Let there be layered Light!

Don’t make the rookie renter’s mistake by solely using the overhead lighting that came with the house. Spread your light sources by investing in some floor and table lamps. You can always carry them with you when you move out.

3. No white towels

Ditch the white towels. They get dirty and discolored easily and are difficult to maintain. Invest in greys, and blues instead.

4. Choose moody, dark colors  

Instead of neutral shades, opt for darker hues like blue, gray and charcoal for your bedroom!

5. Invest in Art

Invest in art and make your house feel like a home. Also, it doesn’t harm to have your visitors get to know your creative side.

6. Invest in some nice bed sheets

Invest in nice-looking and quality bed sheets and make it a habit them every week. (and sooner if there are spills)

7. No TV in the Bedroom

Yes, this is one rule that holds good for couples and singles alike. No TV in the bedroom. You want to catch that game? How about stepping into the living room? It isn’t that far, trust us!