7 Small Bedroom Storage Solutions

Last updated on November 12th, 2021

Does your small bedroom have a pile of clothes lying in the bedroom chair or a few books scattered on the floor? We all know that bedroom clutter piles up faster than you can stow it away!

But just because you have a small bedroom, that doesn’t mean that it has to be cluttered! With the right organizing tips and tricks, you can take control of your bedroom clutter and turn it into a relaxing retreat. So, in a quest to restore order, we have come up with 7 small bedroom storage solutions!

1. Make Use of the Floor Space

In case you’re missing out on bedside storage, then consider keeping a basket or two underneath your bedside table. This way, not only will you have a place to dump all the bedroom clutter, but also add visual interest to your bedroom.

2. Go Vertical

While draping a throw or a blanket over the end of your bed can look cool, but excessive layering can have an adverse effect. As opposed to tucking those extra throws to the back of the closet, stow them on display with a ladder shelf. This way you can have the blankets and throws within easy reach during cold days and put them on display on hot days.

3. Double Up

Putting an end table on each side of your bed is a genius way to expand your room’s storage capacity. In case you are really running short on space, then select a table that can fit into the small space and consider installing wall scones instead of the conventional table lamp. Lights can take up a lot of table-top space, so wall-installed lighting can make space for a pruned plant, and some books!

4. Stylish & Functional Furniture

Falling short on closet space? Stop before you buy a random storage unit! After all, it will be displayed in the bedroom! Instead of going for a conventional storage unit like a closet, look for a stylish bed with storage! Or, if you already have a bed in place, you can opt for a chic dresser instead. Use the top of the dresser to create a vignette featuring fresh flowers on a vase, a stack of books, and chic accessories.

5. Utilize Every Nook & Corner

Most homeowners often overlook corners while looking for potential storage options. So, the next time you are in need of storage, check if you have any corners left untapped. If you are in the mood for some renovation, then think of adding a built-in nook or opt for a ladder shelf if you are looking for some easy storage options.

6. Find Unconventional Use of Furniture

Don’t have space in your bedroom? Make clever use of furniture. A dresser could double up as a bedside table, or an old bench can turn into a new foot bench.

7. Make Use of Wall Space

In a small bedroom, every inch matters! So, if you are running short of space, yet in need of some extra square footage, think of installing a floating shelf. This way you can keep all your night-time essentials in place without taking up any space on the floor.