Décor Mix: Parisian Elegance Meets Moroccan Splendor

Last updated on February 22nd, 2022

Parisians are known for their impeccable sense of fashion and chic decor style! Whereas the Moroccan style of decor reflects its history through its intricately detailed craftsmanship, use of vibrant colors, and lush fabrics. But what happens when the uber-chic Parisian decor meets the ever-colorful Moroccan vibe? Find out here!

1.  The Parisian Elegance: Marble Flooring

Seen in many Parisian homes, marble is one of those exemplary materials that has been around for ages and can add an instant chic factor to your home.

2. The Moroccan Warmth: Exquisite kitchen cabinets

There is a certain warmth and appeal to a Moroccan kitchen. The intricate craftsmanship and the eye-catching designs rendered with a fine eye for detail lend the classic Moroccan finishes, a jaw-droppingly stunning elegance.

3. Parisian Accents: Stone cladding

An accent wall is a great way to revamp your home, without your having to spend much! And that’s exactly Parisian décor entails!

4. The Moroccan Comfort: Colorful rugs

Known for their patterns and colors, the resplendent Moroccan floor rugs are a style must-have for all decor enthusiasts. Bring home one of these to add style and a luxe-factor to your space.

5. Parisian Style: Stone flatware

Set your dining table the French way! Invest in some nice-looking stone flatware.

6. The Moroccan Charm: Wooden cladding

Wooden cladding on a feature wall can add the allure and mystery of Moroccan décor to your interiors.

7. Parisian Decor: French furniture

When it comes to furniture, the French style takes the cake! Drawing inspiration from its rich history, it brings together the contemporary with the royal, resulting in a style that spells exquisite perfection!

8. Moroccan Magnificence: Metallic pendant lights

Lights can change the entire look and feel of a room. Hang carved metal pendant lights in your room to bring in the beautiful Moroccan play of shadows and light!

9. Parisian Splendor: Dining sets in wood and brass

A dining set that combines wood and brass can bring a truly elegant Parisian feel to your dining room.

Happy decorating, peeps!