You Don’t Need An Interior Designer If You Have These 4 Apps On Your Phone!

Last updated on October 12th, 2020

Whenever we think of renovating, revamping or refurnishing our home, we always think of seeking an interior designer’s help or look for online tips that can be of use. What if we tell you that you don’t need to go through that hassle at all?

Here are 4 interior designing apps that can hand-hold you through the entire process and enable you to kick-off your next home designing project with confidence! Read on to see what we’re talking about!

App #1: Design Home

If you’re passionate about home décor and design, then this app is made just for you. The Design Home app gives you an opportunity to turn your dreams into reality with its amazing 3D experience that allows you to visualize furniture and décor styles from genuine, top-of-the-line brands! Now, with just a few clicks, you can picture how your home would look with different styles of furniture and décor, without having to step out of the comfort of your home!

App # 2: Planner 5D

The Planner 5D app is an online tool that helps you create realistic home plans and design contemporary interiors like an expert! The intuitive feature of this app helps you explore design ideas for homes, create your own design, finally allowing you to visualize it!

App # 3: iDecorama

iDecorama is a one-stop destination for people looking to design or renovate their home. So, whether you are looking for design ideas, unique home products, or looking to get in touch with an expert to redesign your home, iDecorama has got it all figured out for you! And its use-friendly features help you navigate easily through the app, and closer to your dream home!

App # 4: House Plan Designs 

This app can help you get architectural drawings of the house you might be planning to build and design.