DecorDiaries: 8 Elements Of Belgian-Style Décor You’ll Want to Take Home

Last updated on December 10th, 2021

If one is to define Belgian décor style in two words alone, it would be – simple luxury. Simple in its choice of materials and lines, yet luxurious in the feeling of comfort and richness it manages to create. It isn’t a wonder then, that this interior style happens to be in a league of its own. If a décor style that’s as rustic as it is modern, resonates with you, then this is definitely a style you must give a shot to.

Here are the defining elements of this hugely popular yet simple décor style, that we hope to have laid out for you, as simply.

1. Plentiful Natural Light

The Belgian emphasis on natural light isn’t without reason. Belgian homes abound in natural light and all the décor elements used, when awash in natural light take on a softer and more inviting appearance, one that characterizes their interiors.

2. Zero Clutter

There’s no space for clutter in Belgian aesthetics. Décor elements used are pared-down, simple, and have enough breathing space, keeping them from getting overwhelming in any way.

3. Natural Elements

Belgian décor elements are mostly made of wood, stone, ceramics, and other natural materials and kept as raw and close to their natural form as possible, which gives the interiors an earthy, rustic appeal.

4. Linen

Linen is an aesthetic staple in Belgium and finds ample use in window treatments, upholstery, etc., keeping the entire space elegant, comfortable, and close to nature.

5. Neutral Hues

Belgian interiors are strikingly neutral, exuding a sense of relaxation and peace. Even the neutrals used are mostly like the unfinished and raw greys and beiges of naturally found wood and stone.

6. Oversized Furniture

Belgian décor values comfort and simplicity above everything else. Homes there sport a few large pieces of comfortable and pared-back furniture that are as easy on the eyes as they are on the back.

7. Timeworn Materials

Belgian décor style celebrates aging and timeworn finishes that lend a rich and rustic appeal to their interiors, whether it’s a well-worn, hand-me-down chest of drawers or an antique chair that’s stood the test of time and still manages to look as elegant.

8. The Old Blending Seamlessly With The new

Belgian aesthetic values the old and the timeless. Having said that, it also embraces the new with the same fervor, which is what makes Belgian interiors so strikingly dynamic. You’ll find antiques here, standing seamlessly alongside industrial elements, lending a strikingly fresh and modern feel to the entire space.

So, what would you say to giving a Belgian touch to your interiors?