From the Land of Sun, Sand and Beaches: 6 Ways to Embrace Goan Decor

Last updated on January 31st, 2021

Once ruled by the Portuguese, Goan decor mixes an unmistakable Southern style with Portuguese ideas of design. A sought-after tourist destination, Goa has a character and personality of its own, that tends to grow on one, even after a short stay in the place. A week there and you might get inspired to add some of that laid-back, rustic Goan charm to your interiors.

Courtesy: ArchitecturalDigest

Here are 6 easy ways to do it with!

1.  Go for a vintage, traditional bedroom decor with a four-poster bed, wooden shutters and mid-century furniture! The more antique and historical your furniture looks, the better.

Courtesy: ArchitecturalDigest

2.  Charming, Portuguese inspired, old-world decor for your living room will give your home an authentic Goan vibe! Keep things simple and comfortable to create the same laid-back air that you’re after.

Courtesy: ArchDaily

3. Get your home a slice of the laid-back Goan charm by setting up a relaxing patio near your entrance. Again, stick to simple and elegant, almost traditional looking furniture and accessories.

Courtesy: Trip

4. Embrace Goan decor by setting up a delightful outdoor dining area. Keep things rustic by choosing rattan, outdoor-friendly furniture and a table with a rugged, close-to-nature top. If you want to recreate Goa in your home, you will need to steer clear of fancy and over-the-top décor elements.

Courtesy: Trenzseater

5. How about setting up an uber-cool open bathroom, (if you have the space and resources) to experience the laid-back Goan lifestyle, everytime you enter your bathroom!

Courtesy: Elledecor

6. Replicate the look and feel of a typical Goan kitchen in your home by choosing a modern, yet rustic kitchen décor, like the one you see here. The modern cabinetry and appliances in this kitchen are beautifully offset by the stone-clad wall, the wooden countertop, and the choice of material for the backsplash and flooring.

Courtesy: Homedit