Explore Moroccan Décor In All Its Glory

Last updated on December 20th, 2021

The rich culture of Morocco is depicted beautifully in its intricate, vibrant, and exquisite décor.

Let’s take a look at what makes Moroccan décor what it is, and see if we can draw inspiration from it and create a little Moroccan oasis in our home.

Embellished Wedding Blankets

Forming a part of the Moroccan tradition, wedding blankets made from sheep’s wool, cotton, and linen, typically by a bride’s relatives before a wedding are used as decorative elements in Moroccan homes. Embellished with millions of sequins, the blankets are used as bed-covers, wall-hangings, or rugs adding glamor to many Moroccan interiors.

Comfort And Luxury

Moroccan interiors are all about luxury and opulence, with the layered fabrics, plush rugs, and the many throw pillows and cushions exquisitely designed and embellished speaking of nothing but luxury.

Moroccan Tilework

Moroccan design is known for its intricate tile work whether it’s on floors, walls, or even tabletops with multiple small tiles coming together to form extremely intricate and elaborate designs.

Glitzy Lanterns

Lighting plays a very significant role in Moroccan décor and Moroccan lanterns happen to be quite distinctive and intricately designed, inlaid with colorful glass. One can hardly fail to notice the beautiful lanterns, sconces, and lamps dotting the Moroccan interiors.

Hand-Crafted Fabrics

The fabrics used in Moroccan design are intricate, embellished, and mostly hand-crafted. The Moroccan interiors use a lot of blue, which isn’t a surprise with the country right adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. One can also find a preference for gold and yellow, reflective of the surrounding desert sands.

Moroccan Furniture

Intricately carved Moroccan furniture is known the world over for its rich craftsmanship and attention to the minutest of details.

Opulent Ceilings

Moroccan ceilings with their elaborate designs are a work of art in their own right and add to the opulence that is a hallmark of Moroccan décor.

Ottomans Galore

Ottomans are very popular in Moroccan décor and are used extensively in casual seating arrangements. They are crafted in a variety of styles and colors and are made of fabrics and even leather.

The Moroccan Finesse

Moroccan craftsmanship is known for its attention to detail and the finishing touches given to a design, whether it is a beautifully crafted lantern or some elaborate tilework adorning the floors.

How about giving in to your love for Moroccan decor? Happy decorating, folks!