DesignDictionary: What Is A Chair-And-A-Half?

Last updated on August 18th, 2021

Here’s the thing about this piece of furniture that’s making waves in the décor scene the world over. People either love it or hate it because of the same reason.

Intrigued? Read on to know more.

What in heaven’s name is a Chair-and-a-Half?

A chair-and-a-half is a funny name given to a seriously comfortable piece of furniture. It is an over-sized chair that is wider than a regular chair. Is it a love seat then? No, it isn’t. It is narrower than a love seat.
Wanna know if you’ll love it or hate it? Well, that depends entirely on how you like to sit on a chair. If you like to sit tight on the chair with your feet on the ground, you won’t care much for this wider-than-normal chair. But if you like to lounge in a chair with your feet pulled up, then you will absolutely want this one in your home.

Where Can You Use it?

There can be many places in a home that may seem to be asking for a chair-and-a-half. Here are a few ideas.
• If you have a small home, then a chair-and-a-half can be a way better option than investing in a loveseat, that occupies way more space.
• You can use a reclining version of a chair-and-a-half to watch TV in or curl up in a corner with your favorite book, or even to take a nap in.
• You can use a chair-and-a-half that opens up as a bed, in the guest bedroom and use it as a comfy chair in the day and as a sleeper in the night.
• You can use it in the bedroom or the family room as your go-to space to just relax and do nothing in. Or on second thoughts, maybe cuddle up with your kids or pets.
• It can work amazingly well in a nursery, where you can just sit and relax in, while the baby sleeps.

If we’ve managed to get you interested in this amazing piece of furniture, consider pairing your chair-and-a-half with a matching oversized ottoman for double the fun!