6 Styling Tips That’ll Give Your Sofa A Stunning Makeover

Last updated on December 7th, 2021

If you’ve had your couch around for a while and been feeling that it doesn’t really look as great as it did back when you bought it, you are not alone. We’ve all been there. And the problem is, new sofas don’t grow on trees, and even if they did, you don’t really have the heart to part with your old one just because it shows some small signs of wear.
But don’t lose heart. You can change that, without much effort, commitment or money.

Here are 6 ways to give a stunning facelift to your existing couch and turn it glamorous and Pinterest-ready!

1. Slipcovers for a brand-new look

Whether your couch is a decade old, or brand new, a slipcover can spice things up instantly. Not only does it spruce it up in an instant, but also protects the couch from dust, pet hair, and the occasional spills.

2. Throw pillows for visual appeal

Whether you need that extra neck support while lounging in front of the TV or something to shake things up a bit in your living room, you can count on (plenty of) throw pillows. And better yet, come the festive season you can just swap their covers for something blingy and you’re all set for the occasion. So, go right ahead and go wild with different colors and textures!

3. A sofa runner to lend some texture

You can add a splash of color and an added perception of comfort, with a nice, plush sofa runner. The runner, together with the throw pillows, can lend to your neutral-hued couch the vibrancy or color it lacks. You can just drape the runner on the sofa casually for the perfectly calculated, casual-chic look.

4. An elegant rug under it

The right rug under a couch can make all the difference to the way it looks. Get a texturally rich rug that complements the style of your décor and the couch. Choose a rug that highlights the beauty of your couch and you’ll just want to sit and admire the change it brings.

5. Some green glamour

Adding plants to your interiors is touted the world over as a transformational styling tip. And with good reason.
Just place a couple of these lush green elements next to your couch and find yourself doing a double-take at how stunning your same old couch now looks! What’s more, these green beauties also keep the air you breathe fresh and calm the senses with their serene presence. Need we say more?

6. And finally, a statement piece to draw all eyes to it

With a couch so beautiful now, you would want to draw people’s attention to it, the moment they enter your living space. And you can do this with a statement wall art right on the wall right behind your couch. Don’t just use any attractive painting, but use this opportunity to showcase something that reflects who you truly are.

And don’t forget to have fun trying these things with your couch, for what is decor without fun!