Dressing Table Designs You Can Copycat Straight Away

Last updated on July 2nd, 2022

They say beauty is skin deep. But hey, what’s the harm in making your skin look gorgeous? A bit of makeup never hurt anyone! To get your look right, you would want your little jars of magic at hand at a moment’s notice. Fumbling for your cosmetics at the back of your drawer isn’t going to help.

For a comfortable makeup session, a good dressing table is a must. We have some wonderful dressing table designs that you can copycat straight away. Let’s check them out.

Light me up

For a film star vibe, dressing mirrors with lights are the perfect solution. If you want, you can add a few extra drawers on the side for storage, leaving room for your legs.

To enhance your dressing table design, why not give a splash of bright color to the back wall? While you are at it, add a comfortable chair to the mix.

These stylish dressing table designs are great as you get a lot of illumination while putting on makeup.

Add a bit of charm with add-ons

You can go for a dark wood finish or a coat of white paint for this dressing table design. The slanting legs are great to jazz up the design of this wonderful vanity. The LED lights complete this magnificent look.

Modern dressing table designs always have a few add-ons. And a gorgeous mirrored dressing table would be incomplete without the brick wall behind it.

For your dressing table, two top drawers should do the trick. However, if you are in the habit of buying innovative makeup products, you could do with a few more.

Color me pretty

A splash of blue is what makes your white vanity table stand out. With the bulb-lit mirror, a quaint stool, and a neat makeup table, you have it nailed. You can opt for a white vanity with a blue back wall, or you can go for a blue vanity against a white wall.

But hey, while this blue shade is to die for, you can pick any shade you like. You can add the color element on your dressing stool, the dressing table, or the back wall. The choice is yours.

Traditional vibe

These dressing tables are right up your alley if you have a home decor with a Victorian vibe. White is a great color choice. However, rosewood or teakwood will work just as well.

You can go for a chair padded with velvet or a padded stool. A carved mirror is a great way to complete this fabulous look.

So, how to decorate the dressing table? Accessories such as ornate jewelry boxes and lamps should do the trick.

Elegant and classy

These elegant dressing tables are just the thing for sleek and sophisticated home decor. You can opt for vertical supports for a staid look or go for legs with a bit of detailing.

The dressing table top can have a bit of overhang to match the snazzy legs. To complete the look, you can hang baubles on your mirror. Fairy lights will add a bit of glamour.

If the question ‘where can I place dressing table as per the Vastu’ pops in your head, the answer is – East. This is because the bed should not be reflected in the mirror, as per Vastu.

Wardrobe with dressing table

A wardrobe with a dressing table is a great space saver. If you happen to have a walk-in closet, a dresser attached to the wardrobe is a boon as you can dress and apply makeup at the same time.


Replicating these wondrous creations is not difficult. However, you can talk to the experts if you want something that reflects your personality.

Happy decorating, peeps!