Ideas To Create Smart Dressing Units In Small Spaces

Last updated on December 22nd, 2021

The dressing corner is an important space in every home. It is one of those essential spaces that you need to accommodate in your home even if space happens to be a constraint.

Let’s have a look at a few clever ways to make the most of the space available and create a dressing space that you would love to use every day! Read on to know more.

Use that empty wall

An empty wall is wasted space. Have your dresser occupy the dead space, add some good lighting and you have for yourself your own dressing space.

Use mirrors to your advantage

Reflective surfaces make a room appear roomier and brighter. Use them to your advantage to create the illusion of space and light. Invest in a large mirror for your dressing space, so that the space around it doesn’t feel cramped or dull.

Put corners to good use

If you happen to have an unoccupied corner in your bedroom that doesn’t seem to be in the way, you can place a small dresser and a mirror there. Make the place attractive by opting for a beautiful mirror and a stylish dressing table.

Keep lighting in mind

Light plays an important role in any setting, especially in a dressing space. After all, you need the right lighting to be able to select the right outfits and do your hair and makeup. Good lighting doesn’t just help with this, it also gives the setting a certain ambiance that you need for it to feel like a good dressing area. So, invest some time and money in making sure your dressing area is lit appropriately.
A great way of doing this could be utilizing natural light filtering into the room. Just place the vanity table against a window and dress up in the best possible light! If there isn’t a window in the room, see if a skylight can be a possibility, which could flood the room with a whole lot of natural light, not to mention, set the perfect ambiance for your dressing area.

Create space where there is none

If you aren’t able to locate a space good enough for your dressing table, you could use one side of a room divider to hang a mirror and create a dressing space!

Use compact furniture

In the limited space available, create your dressing area by investing in removable or furniture that has more functions than one. Choose a foldable stool and a vanity table that can be pulled apart and stowed away when not in use. This is a great way of saving space when you have constraints that you need to operate in.

Place it right

You can keep a chest of drawers next to your wardrobe and use this as a dresser by just fixing a mirror on the wall and keeping the dressing essentials on top of it. This could then function as your dressing space cum storage drawers!

Create a floating dressing unit

If you don’t want to designate a space for a dressing table, try out the idea of a floating dressing unit by adding a large elegant mirror or a few quirky mirrors placed close to each other on a wall to create a sense of visually appealing dressing space.

Display your style

You can create a display out of your valuable possessions like your shoes, for instance, and recreate the magic of a vintage shop window in your own home. It’s a brilliant way to show off your collections while keeping them all safe.

A dressing unit inside a wardrobe

If you don’t have a dedicated space for a dresser in your home, you could have a few shelves of your wardrobe demarcated and use them to store your cosmetics and other dressing table essentials and have a full-length mirror installed next to it.

Have fun creating your dream space, folks!