Every Room Needs These Cool Decor Features

Last updated on August 1st, 2022

Did you know that your room with just four walls can be a playground for creativity? It is not a concrete structure but the whole space you can own with the basic interior decor!

A room should be your relaxing haven with subtle touches of your personality. If you feel revamping your room as per your mood is a Herculean task, fret not; we are here to help you with every bit of reimagining your space.

Contemporary Yet Classy Lamps

Your choice of lighting in the room can make or break the deal. Lighting adds a soul to your interiors. This is why choosing the lamps according to the mood you wish to add to your room is imperative. Installing dimmers helps you set the room’s perspective as per the occasion.

Not only that, it makes you look smart in front of your folks and creates an impression that you are the go-to person for all their interior decorating tips.

Dressing up Walls

Monochromatic or pop colours, walls that wear gorgeous art pieces stand out from the crowd. This piece of art could be a simple white photo frame with your fondest memory or a gigantic pendulum watch. You can experiment with some neon signage on your walls or hang a metallic sculpture. You can also choose from a variety of wallpapers that represent your personality. There are numerous things in your home that you can convert into an art pieces and hang on the walls. For example, that boho dreamcatcher, your old, rustic guitar, or pretty pottery plates that might fill your room with a calming vibe. The choice is yours.

Add Some Greens

There’s no better way to make your room lively but to add some cute, little planters. Succulents, bonsai plants, tiny cacti, and various indoor plants are available for your interiors. They add a touch of nature, and the indoor plants also have their benefits. For example, the snake plant can help you purify the indoor air. In addition, medicinal plants like eucalyptus rid your home of insects like mosquitoes.

Dedicate a Wall to Books

As cliched as it might sound, books make you look cool and your space classy. A wall dedicated to just books adds character and depth to your decor. Your choice of books speaks volumes about your persona and can be a good conversation kick-starter when you’re hosting someone.

Put the Bar on Display

Nothing can make you feel good but flaunting your collection of exotic firewater. From wine to champagne bottles, from glasses to other bar accessories, this personalised mini-home bar in your room can make you look cool and give your guests a feeling that you are a party-at-home kind of a person. If there’s a crunch of space, putting your collection of bottles on display on your favourite wall won’t be a bad idea! Psst, you can recycle your bottles and use them to keep creepers or hang them as lamps. Smart idea, isn’t it?

Stare at Your Reflection

They are playful. They expand your space. You can check out yourself every now and then in them. Yes, we are talking about mirrors. These beautiful reflective pieces of art are worthy of installation in your rooms. They expand your space and add perspective to your room, making your interiors look interesting. You can opt for a full-length angular mirror in your dressing area or choose geometrical shapes to fill the space on your walls.

Making your space look bewitching doesn’t have to be a hassle. You first need to figure out the mood you are trying to set in a particular room. Also, revamping your space need not be an expensive affair. Look for things that you can reuse or recycle. After all, sustainability is what makes you look cool. Also, here’s how you can bring down your interior design costs.

Happy decorating, everyone!