7 Ways To Decorate With Books

Last updated on January 5th, 2022

There would hardly be a home without books. We all have stacks of them stored in bookshelves and in under-the-bed boxes. How about indulging in some out-of-the-box decorating and using them to style your home instead?

Let’s explore a few ways to bring your cherished book collection out of the dusty shelves and into the limelight!

1. As A Stack To Add Height

Courtesy: 12thandwhite

If an object that you’re planning on displaying isn’t tall enough for the space that you want to place it in, you can use a stack of books as a base to give it the required height. Objects and the books that they rest on, together make for perfect décor elements.

2. From Floor To Ceiling

Courtesy: pinterest

Bookshelves that run all the way from floor to ceiling can house all the books you own and make a stylish statement at the same time. All you need to do is to make sure that they are arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way.

3. To Add Color

Courtesy: impressiveinteriordesign

If you’ve been arranging books on the shelf in height order all this while, it may be time to bring in a refreshing change! Color coordinate them instead, and display books of the same color together on a particular shelf or arrange them from light to dark. This intentional arrangement can help add a dash of color to the room and you can then pick up colors from here to create accents in the rest of the room.

4. As A Filler

Courtesy: nellhills

To make your décor pieces stand out inside cabinets and bookcases, you’ll need plenty of filler items. And books make for amazing fillers as they fill up the necessary space without taking any attention away from the objects that you’re trying to create focal points with.

5. As Wall Art

Courtesy: pinterest

Pages of books, especially old ones can make for great wall art. Just have them framed and display them around the house. You can frame the original pages or make copies if you’re in love with the book and don’t want to ruin it.

6. As Wallpaper

Courtesy: pinterest

This could be a book lover’s dream come true! Turn the pages of your favorite read into wallpaper by covering an entire wall with them. You can choose to use the original pages if you aren’t going to be reading the book again or make copies of the pages and stick them on the wall.

7. As Coffee Table Decor

Courtesy: cooterhollow

Why not take your coffee table décor up a notch, by giving your favorite reads a home in the living room? Your favorite books on the coffee table won’t just help showcase your personality and interests but can also be great for your guests to flip through, as they wait for you.

Happy decorating, folks!