Fool-Proof Ways To Decorate Your Rental Apartment

Last updated on April 24th, 2022

So, you are living in a rental apartment where the bathrooms look tired, the kitchen seems to be in need of an update, and the space seems lifeless with no character whatsoever. Clearly, decorating a rental apartment can be quite tricky, since you really don’t know how long you’ll end up staying there. The solution? A few quick and easy low-key but highly impactful décor updates.

Fool-Proof Ways to Decorate Your Rental Apartment

Lucky for you, we have curated a few fool-proof ways to turn your rental house into a home, without breaking the bank or ticking off your landlord.

1. Let lots of light in

Fool-Proof Ways to Decorate Your Rental Apartment

The easiest way to open up a space is to let natural light in. This is particularly true for small apartments. Use sheer curtains to allow all the light to stream in. And add a layer of shades or blinds to shut out the light, when not needed.

2. Embrace white walls

Fool-Proof Ways to Decorate Your Rental Apartment

Renters the world over face this one common design hurdle – white and boring walls. If you too are struggling with white walls that you cannot paint, fret not! A work of art, proudly displayed against your white wall can help break the monotony. With minimalist decor and clever placement of wall art, you can easily turn your apartment into a cozy retreat. And, since the wall is white, you can add any frame or artwork to add visual interest to the room.

3. Add lots and lots of plants

Fool-Proof Ways to Decorate Your Rental Apartment

When it comes to decorating without spending much, plants can come in really handy – they are versatile, colorful, and can bring a space to life instantly. Try experimenting with different kinds, styles, and shapes of houseplants. If you lack a green thumb, then think of hardy, inexpensive houseplants like spider plants, aloe vera, succulents, or rubber plant. You can even try growing herbs – they are easy to grow, inexpensive, and will add greenery to your kitchen!

4. Play with heights

Fool-Proof Ways to Decorate Your Rental Apartment

Staying in a rental apartment often means having to decorate from scratch. However, don’t let it bog you down. Instead, embrace what you have. Try and play with differing heights. A casual pendant light over the dining table or an industrial style tripod lamp next to a low-level coffee table will not only add visual interest but also make your space look Pinterest-worthy. So, go right ahead and prop a ladder against a bathroom wall to hang towels or experiment with mirrors to add depth to a bare corner.

5. Get curvy furniture

Fool-Proof Ways to Decorate Your Rental Apartment

Rented apartments tend to feel boxy. Break this monotony by styling your pad up with rounded and curvy furniture pieces. A recent study has it that a liking for curvy pieces isn’t so personal after all. It is in fact, hard-wired into our brains. Curvy furniture can soften harsh corners, offset straight lines, and lend a space an uncanny charm.

6. Think of deep cleaning

Though your landlord may have got the house cleaned, there’re still those corners and crevices that need a good scrub. So, do yourself a favor and spend a little on deep cleaning of the house. Your new place will not just look new, it’ll also begin to feel like yours.

7. Change fixtures and fittings

Many renters may not realize this, but a simple thing that they can change to spruce up their interiors, are the fixtures and fittings. Just like elegant jewelry, it can transform something basic and ordinary into something classy and unique, upgrading the vibe of the entire space. Another bonus is that you can replace the old stuff and take what’s yours with you, when you move out.

Happy decorating, folks!