Have You Tried Pendant Lights In Your Bedroom? You Will, After You Finish Reading This!

Last updated on February 22nd, 2022

Are you looking to revamp your bedroom but don’t want to spend too much on renovating the entire bedroom? Here’s a smart trick where you can use pendant lighting to change the look of your bedroom.

Pendant lighting can instantly change the mood of a space. If chosen properly and placed in the right spot, it can add so much character and weight to a space. Here are a few pendant lighting tips that can help you get started:

1. How to use pendant lights

Pendant lighting is used to create the perfect balance. With pendant lights, you can have multiple layers between ceiling lights and floor lamps. Since it’s easily adjustable, you have enough room to level them out.

Pendant lights also work well as task lights. This means that you can easily hang them in areas where you need extra light, such as bedside reading or study tables.

Finally, you can add pendant lights simply for decoration. You can choose any design and style you want to achieve the right look. With this type of lighting, you can turn your bedroom into a comfortable and stylish space.

2. How to choose pendant lights

There are different types of pendant lights available in the market. Here’s a guide to choosing the right one for your bedroom:

Size: Choose pendant lights depending on the size of your space. If you choose to place pendant lights above a bedside table, make sure you get smaller pendant lights so that you have enough space on your table for all your other items.
Style: Consider the decor of your room before you select the right bedroom pendant lights. If your room has a more urban look, you could go for strong pieces. However, if your style is minimalistic, then simple bulb pendant pieces are a great option.
Light: This is a very important factor when choosing pendant lights for your bedroom. How much light do you want in a room? If you’re looking for a dark atmosphere, choose lights with darker shades. If you want a more airy and light setting, bare bulbs and fabric shades are perfect.

3. Where to hang the pendant lights

For bedside lights, we recommend you hang the pendant lights at shoulder level for functionality and practicality.

While hanging pendant lights above the bedside is a great option, there are other placements you can consider—you can also opt for a multi-level setting in the corner of the bedroom to make a statement. This helps to create a conceptual and artsy look that will surely impress.

4. How to choose bulbs for your bedroom pendant lights

Although bulbs are something that’s often ignored, you can create the right impression using an interesting or unique light bulb for your pendant lights. If you’re looking for a pendant light without any shade, then you can go for a more exposed filament LED bulb.

This type of bulb gives the charm of the Edison-style bulb look. You can also choose diffusible bulbs that can be changed according to the atmosphere and mood.

5. Experiment with colors

While you may prefer sticking to safe colors like white and black, we recommend experimenting with fun and bold colors. These types of pendant lights can change the look of your bedroom instantly. There are plenty of different pendant light styles available in various colors that you can choose to suit your bedroom interiors.

There are a variety of interesting ways to light up your bedroom. With pendant lights, you always have the option of changing them as the style and decor of your room change. You can choose from bedside pendant lighting, center pendant lighting, or even clustered pendant lights that you can hang in the corner of your bedroom. Pendant lights are trendy, and you can use them in any part of your space to create that perfect style statement.

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Here’s wishing that your home be truly LIT! Have fun decorating your space, folks!