7 Ways to Create a Luxurious Hotel-like Bedroom

Last updated on November 3rd, 2021

Create a Luxurious Hotel-like Bedroom

‘I wish, I could live in a hotel’ – If you have ever had this thought, then your bedroom is in need of a decor overhaul! Indeed, hotels (of course, not all) know how to make you feel comfortable and relaxed, and send you back refreshed the next morning. But, that doesn’t mean you need to spend every night in a high-end, swanky hotel room. In fact, you can bring home the sweet luxurious hotel-like feel into your bedroom without going bankrupt! Follow these seven ways to create a luxurious hotel-like bedroom.

1. Address the Clutter

Create a Luxurious Hotel-like Bedroom - Address the Clutter

Have you ever seen a cluttered hotel room? No, right! Then, why should your bedroom have piles of clothes lying in a corner or, even a messy nightstand! Believe it or not, clutter causes stress and clogs your subconscious mind, while you sleep. So, do yourself a favor and get rid of that dirty pile of laundry, the half-empty glass of water, and the empty medicine strip that has been collecting nothing but dust.

2. Keep the Color Scheme Calming & Peaceful

Did you notice that almost all hotel rooms feature neutral shades like cream, white, beige, and grays? It is because neutral shades are expansive and help make the room appear big and airy, as compared to darker shades. Use brighter colors to accentuate a corner, or to add pops of contrast.

3. Tuck your Bedding In

When it comes to hotel rooms, there’s this one thing that you must have noticed – neatly tucked-in beds! Believe it or not, tucking in your bed is the ultimate move to a clean and tidy room (not to mention, a bedroom that looks hotel-like). Remember, when mom used to ask you to make your bed every day? Well, it makes sense now, right?

4. Light it Right!

Create a Luxurious Hotel-like Bedroom - Light it right

Hotel rooms are always embellished with multiple layers of lights – from dimmers and freestanding lamps to wall sconces and chandeliers. Having multiple layers of lights helps lift up your spirits after a hectic day. Don’t forget to add sconces or lamps on each side of the bed for night-time reading endeavors.

5. Add Blackout Window Treatment

Create a Luxurious Hotel-like Bedroom - Add black out curtains

It is known to all that light affects our sleep. Hence, opt for blackout curtains in your bedroom for better sleep. Even hotels follow the same decor principle. To amp up the luxe factor, opt for a floor-to-ceiling curtain in linen or silk to add a level of intimacy and comfort.

6. Install Bedside Light Switches

No one wants to get off the bed to switch off the light. If you ever have, then you must know how annoying it is. Take any good hotel, and you will find the light switch within your arm’s length. In case you don’t have provision to keep the switch next to your bed, consider having a night lamp instead.

7. Layer Your Bedding

Create a Luxurious Hotel-like Bedroom - Layer your bedding

Hotel beds have layers to help them feel rich. They are always finished with a throw or blanket, which addresses two needs: provide additional warmth and add a pop of color. Hotel beds include no less than three sizes of pillows — large, standard, and small—which speaks of another option to introduce texture, shades, or even patterns while adding luxury.