Home Accessorising Made Easy

Last updated on April 13th, 2023

Your wall treatment and furniture are the foundations of your design. No matter how good they are, your décor is incomplete without accessories. With a bit of flare and ingenuity, it’s not difficult to nail your look. Moreover, with our tried and tested accessorizing methods, you can take your interior design look to the next level.

So, what are the things you should be looking at? And how do you pull off a professional look? Well, have no fear. We will walk you through the process, one element at a time. Let’s dig in.

Layer Your Sofa with Cushions

It’s easy to toss a few choice cushions on your couch. But there is a method to this madness. Let’s check out the tips and tricks of cushion décor:

How to nail it

  • Matching colors are dull and unimaginative. Go for contrasts instead. Make sure your cushions, couch and walls form a cohesive whole.

  • Your cushions will provide a refreshing pop of color, so choose wisely. Go for two dominant cushions in dramatic colors and patterns. Build up on these cushions on the main sofa. Follow the same theme for a cushion or two on your chairs.

  • Try to play with stripes, florals, and plain colors to add interest.

Dress Up Your Bookshelves

A row of neatly lined books is not going to do anything for your shelves. It’s all about giving character to your décor by introducing a medley of accessories to your shelves.

How to nail it

  • Go for asymmetry. Maintain the scale; arrange books height-wise. Break the rhythm after a few books, and add neatly stacked books to the mix.

  • Shelves are not just about books. A collection of photo frames is a great addition.

  • Layer your object d’ art. The tall ones at the back and the smaller ones in the front. Go for odd numbers.

Lighting Counts Too!

Light fittings are the ideal accessory. They are not only functional but also add to the beauty of the design too, so choose wisely. Browse the markets for unique finds for a fabulous look.

How to nail it

  • A floor lamp is ideal for a corner seating area or a cozy reading chair.

  • Pendant lights are a perfect way to add dimension to your corner.

  • An eclectic chandelier is a great fit for most rooms.

  • You can never go wrong with traditional lampshades for your side tables and console tables.

The Drama of Exotic Mirrors

Mirrors grab attention. You can use them in umpteen ways to add a bit of excitement to your design. Check out our interesting take on this wondrous element.

How to nail it

  • Mirrors are the perfect tool to make your room bigger. Sections of mirror-clad walls give an interesting vibe to your décor.

  • Elegant frames in bronze or gold work well on console tables and entryways.

  • Standalone mirrors are a style statement and an intriguing element for your look.

  • A collection of quirky mirrors on the accent wall will give your space a surreal look, as they will reflect the myriad of patterns and colors in your room.

Some Tips and Tricks to Give Your Space a Finishing Touch

  • Use stylish baskets in natural materials such as jute or cane for your sundries.

  • Pick large, bold bowls and vases for your décor for better impact.

  • Add area rugs for your corner seating, under the coffee table, or as a runner in the passage to give an astounding look to your room.

  • Let your vignettes tell a story. It can be floral, seashells, plants, pinecones, and candles.

  • Go green with a collection of plants to elevate your décor. This can be a herb garden on the kitchen windowsill, a ‘green’ corner for your plant collection, or a few hanging plants for a bit of drama.

Final Thoughts

Accessories are a reflection of your personality. To give your room a personalized touch, be true to yourself and pick what you like. What’s more, you have the luxury of a do-over, a year or two down the line. For more tips and tricks on home décor and accessorizing, log in to homebliss.in for radical design concepts and ideas.