5 Ways To Style Cushions On Your Sofa Like A Pro

Last updated on February 19th, 2022

Here’s the oldest trick in the book to change the look of your living room that doesn’t cost much. Get a good mix of decorative cushions, and play with them. Just keep the shape, size and color of your couch in mind – a neutral color will work well with most colors and prints.

Here are 5 ideas for you to get started!

One Theme, Many Shapes

To pull off this oh-so-Pinteresting look, choose a base theme like stripes, florals or even a solid color. Then just get cushions in different shapes and shades of the same color to create a stunning display, like the one you see here! Now, is that easy, or is that easy?

Stunning Comfort

To create this look that is as stunning as it is cozy, just keep placing oversized square cushions at regular intervals on your couch, remembering to mix solids with patterns.

Solid Symmetry

Place two cushions in the same solid color at the outer edges of your sofa symmetrically. Next, arrange two smaller ones in complementing colors towards the center of the sofa, also symmetrically, like you see in the image here. Voila!

Truly Sophisticated

If you prefer a sophisticated vibe more than a relaxed and comfortable one, then this is a trick that’ll get you what you want. Just get four or five cushions in different prints but in the same theme and display them along the length of your sofa. Finally, add a smaller, rectangular cushion in the middle, in a complementing color.

A Statement With Prints

You can mix up cushions with bold prints on your couch as long as you stick to a common theme, to keep the look cohesive.
And here’s a designer’s trick to giving the right shape to your cushions. Just plump them up and give them a karate chop right in the middle – for that perfect V in the middle. Howzzat?!

Happy decorating, peeps!