How To Create A Zen Home

Last updated on February 11th, 2022

Today’s stressful lifestyle has led to the rise in popularity of Zen decor. Why? Because, after a hectic day in office, it’s always relaxing to return home to the soothing style of Zen decor. In case you are searching for a retreat to unwind in, when you return home, decorating your home in Zen-style might be the perfect solution for you! But, what does Zen really mean? Zen basically refers to the art of meditation in Japanese. In interiors, zen stands for a place that reflects tranquility, balance, and harmony.

In fact, Zen is not a decor style in itself and doesn’t follow any hard and fast decor rules. It is basically, any home that reflects minimalism, effortlessness, and clear lines. It is somewhat a method for organizing your home and making an environment that counterbalances the stress of your daily life. So, if you are looking for a home that helps you relax down, then Zen decor is the way to go. Check out these 6 simple ways to turn your home absolutely zen!

1. Staying Minimalistic

To make your home feel zen-like, you would need to become a minimalist. This means, crowding your home with furniture and accessories is a big no-no! Look for multi-purpose furniture with clear lines to make your home more Zen-like. The same applies to your decor elements as well. Also, ensure that your furniture is made of natural materials like wood and wicker.

2. Using Earthy Colors

Delicate tones and earthy shades form the base for a Zen décor plan. Include soft shades like white, light pastels, and gray to infuse Zen decor in your home. Make use of these shades for furniture and decorations. In case your home lacks natural light, include layers of lighting for a splendid look. Always remember, to keep your space clean and mess-free.

3. Appreciating Simple Craftsmanship

Zen decor is all about creating a space that relaxes your eyes and soothes your soul. And since Zen decor is largely influenced by craftsmanship, it is a good idea to infuse some in your home. Think of including creative and aesthetically styled furniture in your space for a peaceful Zen look.

4. Keeping The Indoor-Outdoor Flow In Mind

Filling your home with plants helps in creating a relaxed Zen-like atmosphere. So, try to bring in some plants indoors. Zen decor features homes with shoji doors and windows, that help in maintaining a constant flow of air and help us stay connected with nature. Think of including sliding glass doors for a contemporary look that permits natural light and outside air as and when required.

5. Using Natural Scents

Essential oils are a natural way to welcome the Zen spirit into your home. A home that smells fresh will bring positivity and reflect harmony. You can also simmer orange peels and cinnamon sticks on the stove to make your home smell beautiful, naturally.

Wishing you a Zen living!