Idea File: 7 Contemporary Entertainment Unit Design Ideas For Your Home

Last updated on January 3rd, 2022

Whether it’s for Netflix marathons, or simply for that quality time spent as a couch potato after a hectic workweek, the TV in a household does form the focal point of the living room. (and your weekends!)
And according to the latest surveys, the space that houses the TV is no longer called a TV unit, but an entertainment center, which actually keeps us hooked for an average of up to 4 hours every day!

It’s only fitting then, that we take our time in designing the aesthetics of this all-important space of the house to make it not just functional, but something stylish and elegant that makes a statement in your living area.

Here are 7 different ways you can go about creating this perfect space in your living room!

1. A Simple Yet Stylish Store-Bought Cabinet

Here’s a simple design that fits well within a tight budget. It’s a basic set-up with the TV kept on an interesting table that manages to strike the perfect balance between functionality and style. It doesn’t just house the TV and other gadgets, but also gives you space to get creative with a few curios on the shelves provided. The elegant planter completes the look perfectly.

2. A Wall Mounted TV With A Store-Bought Cabinet

A simple setup with a wall-mounted TV and a sleek cabinet that houses all the other gadgetry and wiring. You can complete the look with artwork and some greenery, the way it’s been done here.
The wires in this kind of setup will need to be concealed behind the TV and the cabinet below will need to accommodate the switchboard and other equipment.

3. A Contemporary Unit With Shelves And A Floating Cabinet

Here’s a custom-designed entertainment wall that spells simplicity and elegance. It has the TV on an elegantly designed floating cabinet that blends with the color of the walls and furniture, adding harmony while concealing all the wires and other gadgetry.
The two elegantly placed floating shelves above the TV complete the look, allowing you plenty of space to get creative.

4. TV Mounted On A Dark Wall And Accompanied By A Floating Cabinet

Here’s a TV mounted on a dark-colored wall. The only other piece of furniture here is a floating wooden cabinet that houses all the other electronic equipment. This setup is best, if you’re working on a budget, but want to create a look that stands out. Care needs to be taken, however, to ensure that all the wiring is concealed behind the TV and cabinet underneath, as wires snaking their way to the TV can disrupt the whole look.

5. A Basic Contemporary TV Unit With A Back Panel

An elegant back panel to mount your TV on, eliminates the need for an elaborate TV unit, and completes the look of your living room. The colors chosen for the back panel can be made to complement the rest of the décor of the living room and can be made to create a contrast or blend in with the rest of the décor.

6. An Elaborate Unit With A Back Panel And Elegant Shelving

Here’s a slightly more elaborate entertainment unit with the TV mounted on a wooden back panel and a mélange of shelves and cabinets adorning the space adjacent to it, creating a stunning look. The lone floating shelf underneath gives ample space to keep all the other equipment, also adding an understated elegance to the entire unit.

7. TV Mounted On A Room Divider

If the layout of your living room doesn’t allow you to mount the TV on any of its existing walls, install a divider to separate a part of the living area into a cozy sitting space and mount your TV on this room divider.

Happy decorating folks!