What Happens When You Don’t Hire An Interior Designer  

Last updated on February 8th, 2022

Not hiring an interior designer when you set out to design your home can surely save you some money. But trying to manage without the help and advice of a professional can also result in expensive mistakes that you may have to live with for many years…
Even if you have good taste and a sense of how things tend to look together, it’s better to consult an interior designer first and get some basic advice before you dive into designing your space, on your own.

Here are a few common mistakes homeowners make, without a professional to guide them.

Everything Looks The Same

A cardinal sin in interior design, and one that gets made all too often – is assuming that all furniture pieces need to be similar. It’s a design flaw to have a uniform set of couches, a coffee table that matches them, and a dining table that looks similar as well. You don’t want your home to look like a showroom. It’s always better to keep things more interesting by mixing a leather couch for instance, with an antique coffee table and a dining table with mismatched chairs.

Curios Scattered Randomly

Curios and accessories, no matter how pretty, when scattered around the house randomly fail to create the impact that they would in a carefully put-together vignette, for instance. There are certain design tricks that make a setting visually appealing and draw the eye towards them, like the rule of 3s that talks about putting things together in 3s to create maximum impact, for instance. Tricks that interior designers have up their sleeves!

Incorrect lighting

The right lighting doesn’t just illuminate a room but also forms a part of its aesthetic appeal. In the absence of an interior designer, people often choose too few or too many or the wrong kind of lights that kill even an otherwise beautifully done-up room.

You’ve Got A Rug That’s Too Small

Rugs can be amazing décor elements. But only when used right. A small rug, no matter how exquisite, is perfectly capable of breaking the décor of a setting. It’s important to measure a space before you set out to buy a rug for it. Or better yet, let a designer do it for you.

Things Look Cluttered

Sometimes less is more. And too many things no matter how stunning can make a place look cluttered and too busy on the eyes. Many people find themselves tempted to display many beautiful things, all in a single space. A big design mistake, that can be avoided in the hands of a skilled designer.

You’ve Blindly followed Trends

There’s nothing worse than a setting that embraces the latest design trend and feels hollow, because of a lack of any personal touch. This is where a designer comes in, to carefully balance what’s in and what’s practical, making sure they give your home a touch of ‘you’ in good doses.

Your Dining Table Is Too Fancy

Investing in a dining table needs to be a carefully thought-out and practical decision. Let’s be honest. How many times do we really sit around the dining table and dine formally?
Space today comes at a premium and a piece of furniture hogging that precious space without serving any purpose, is a colossal waste of both money and square footage. And just the kind of design mistake that an interior designer can help you avoid making.

You Never Had A Budget In Place

The first thing an interior designer does once he understands your needs, is handing you a budget. Going about planning the designs and accessories for your home interiors without a fixed budget in mind, is a big mistake – you just wouldn’t know what is worth spending more on, and what isn’t.

You Have A Kitchen With Barely Any Accessories

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a home. A lot of thought needs to go into planning it. The most common mistake people make is, to just install the basic cabinets and countertops, and forget about the essential accessories that make a kitchen functional and convenient to use. Whether it’s installing a lazy Susan in the blind corner or a drying rack over the sink, accessories can make all the difference!

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