How To Decorate Your Home In The Belgian Style

Last updated on February 4th, 2022

Do you believe that less is sometimes more? Do you like simple, clean lines in your furniture? Or find yourself leaning towards rustic elements like raw wood and simple fabrics?

If you are nodding in answer to any of these, then you may want to explore the Belgian style of decorating – a beautiful blend of rustic elements with modern aesthetics.

Belgian décor is mostly about keeping things simple, with no room for decorative excesses of any kind. The look of its interiors is deliberately spare with just a few accessories creating all the impact. With a few core design elements that revolve around keeping things as close to their natural state as possible and finding elegance in simplicity, Belgian décor is like a breath of fresh air in the chaos that we find ourselves surrounded in today. Let’s have a look at what makes Belgian décor, as lovely as it is.

1. Neutral Colors

The Belgian palette stays mostly neutral with a wide variety of grays, whites, and earthy browns reigning in most homes. Since Belgian décor relies on texture to create impact, color is used sparingly, and only to set the mood of the room, and not to call any attention to it.

2. Simple-Looking Furniture

Belgian furniture is all about comfortable fabrics and plain, sleek wood, with no place for decorative excesses or embellishments of any kind. Even the metals used are burnished and purely functional. The two elements key to Belgian furniture design, are simplicity and comfort.

3. Unpolished Metal

The metals used in Belgian décor elements have something very old-world about them. They are mostly burnished and are given a matte and unrefined finish and made to look quite raw in appearance, like most other elements in Belgian décor.

4. Plenty Of Texture

The Belgian sense of aesthetics relies heavily on texture to leave a big impact. A typical Belgian home will find a good use for raw wood and unfinished metals in the few accessories adorning the tables and will invariably have basketry and logs of wood by the fireside. You will also find fur throws languishing on the couch and rugs made of natural fibers resting on top of wooden floors, adding depth and dimension to the setting.

5. Cozy Fabrics

Belgian upholstery and fabrics are all centered around coziness with couches sporting well-used, rumpled slipcovers and casual throws and plain-looking pillows on them.

The bedroom too is no different with comforters and bed linen that have a deliberate, disheveled feel about them and curtains that have an artfully casual appeal.

6. Nature-Inspired Accessories

Belgian interiors involve plenty of open spaces with a few well-chosen, but highly impactful accessories adorning the setting. Leaving a carved wooden table bare, for instance, would work as an accessory in itself. And most of these accessories are inspired by nature – things like wicker baskets, logs of firewood, bowls, and figurines carved out of raw wood and candles, to name a few.

Happy decorating, everyone!