Make Your Home Look Stunning Before The Festive Season

Last updated on June 5th, 2021

The festive season is almost here, and it’s that time of the year when everyone in the house is filled with anticipation and happy memories. And preparing for those big days with our family, is what creates many of those magical moments and memories.

Since this season also happens to be the perfect excuse to give your home the much-needed, yearly sprucing up, here are a few ideas and inspirations that you might need to take the stress out of the preparations and add an extraordinary sparkle to the festivities!

1. Repair And Polish

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Here’s a good time to make sure everything in your house is in top shape! Fix any leaky pipes, change all bulbs that need changing and make sure everything’s in order. And while you’re at it, give your furniture a new coat of varnish and to have it shining like you just bought it!

2. Clean Up

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Spend a day or two for some thorough cleaning and de-cluttering. Wash your curtains, vacuum your sofas and carpets, get the dirt off windows, ceiling fans and all the hard-to-reach places under your furniture. Finally, handle all cupboards and drawers to toss what’s not useful and organize what is.

3. Paint On Some Festive Cheer

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Consider giving your home a new coat of paint if the monsoons have left it looking rather forlorn. But if that’s not what you have in mind, think of doing up just one wall in the living room, where you’ll welcome all your guests. Paint one wall in a bright red, orange or a cheerful yellow, and watch your home and spirits transforming instantly.

4. Rearrange Your Furniture

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A change can be quite refreshing. Even when it means just rearranging your furniture. Try different settings and settle for one that looks nice and doesn’t hinder anyone’s movement.

5. Bring In Some Bright Cushions

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Add a splash of color and get your home festival-ready by adding some colorful cushions (or cushion-covers if you already have plenty of cushions) to your couch. Look for shiny fabrics in metallic shades with traditional motifs and a zari border to match the festive spirit.

6. Add A Traditional Vibe With Brass

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There’s nothing like ethnic Indian décor to turn on the festive-vibe in a setting. Use antique brass oil lamps or brass statues and figurines to give your home a quaint and rustic feel and add to the festive appeal that you’re aiming for.

7. Beautify Your Entrance

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Spruce up your entrance by hanging a nice, traditional-looking Toran on your door and get your family involved in creating a beautiful floral Rangoli near the entrance to welcome your guests.

8. Light Up Every Corner

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Lights form an integral part of festive décor. Use soft lights in every room, to create a warm glow of celebration and good cheer. Place decorative lanterns and tea-lights on tables, consoles and the entrance to have the place come alive with dancing lights. Use string lights and earthen-diyas to brighten up at your entrance, balconies and the garden.

9. Make The House Smell Good

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Use reed diffusers, scented candles or room sprays to have your home smelling as good as it looks, in preparation of the festivities.

10. Prepare The Pooja Room

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Readying the pooja room in anticipation of a festival is a tradition in most Indian households. Clean the idols and framed images of the deities, refresh the oil in the lamps and add a divine ambiance to the place with plenty of fresh flowers, incense and a simple Rangoli.